Xray Image Viewer Application

X-ray Image Viewer (NumPy, imageio, Matplotlib, SciPy)


Robocorp is great for automation. It can also be used in data science!

The most tedious part of Python data science projects has to be setting up the Python environment and installing all the required dependencies. Not to mention keeping all that up-to-date. Or making the same setup work on another machine than yours!

Let Robocorp handle the Python environment for you. Focus on data science - the stuff that matters.

This example application reads and processes X-ray images with NumPy, imageio, Matplotlib, and SciPy.

This application was inspired by the original NumPy tutorial - X-ray image processing.

This project uses a deprecated library RPA.Dialogs that has been replaced by RPA.Assistant. You can find an example detailing the new library here.



The X-ray image operation dialog

The X-ray processing library

Technical information

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30 May 2023


Apache License 2.0