Anonymize PII data using Microsoft Presidio

Detects and anonymizes PII data from text using Microsoft Presidio.


This example starts a simple Robocorp Assistant with only one text input. Write anything in, and in the next view the PII data has been replaced with placeholders.

If your input is for example

I am Draco Malfoy and my phone number is +358 666 1234 and email is

it will become

I am <PERSON> and my phone number is <PHONE_NUMBER> and email is <EMAIL_ADDRESS>.

This is how it looks in real life:

The example uses a very basic configuration of Microsoft Presidio and only works in English as of now. The expansion possibilities are endless, including writing custom recognizers.

Note that the first time Assistant runs, it will need to download the spaCy language pack, which will take some time.

Technical information

Last updated

12 April 2023


Apache License 2.0