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Web Site Monitoring RobotRobocorp automation stack robot for simple web server monitoringSlack Notifier RobotRobot for sending Slack notificationsWriting excel file example robotThis simple robot shows how to use the RPA.Excel.Files library to write to a local Excel file.Windows Desktop App RobotThis software robot opens the Spotify desktop application, searches for the given song, and plays the song. The robot de...Web store order processor example robotSwag order processing robot.Robocorp VS Code extension - basic tutorialRuns Google image search and guides through the basics of Robocorp VS Code extension.Vault example robotThis simple robot shows how to use the Vault functionality locally and in Robocorp Cloud.A Twitter web scraper example robotOpens the Twitter web page and stores some content.A simple web scraper example robotOpens a web page and stores some content.RPA Form challenge example robotRun this example to solve the form challenge at intranet robot - starter filesThis example is the starting point of Robocorp's beginners' course.RobotSpareBin intranet robot - finished robotThis example is the end result of Robocorp's beginners course.Python robotA simple web scraper robot implemented as a Python script using the rpaframework set of libraries.PDF invites creator: multi-task robot exampleStarting from an Excel file, this robot will generate a personalized PDF invitation for each participant to an event.Movie review sentiment analyzer robotA movie review sentiment analyzer robot. Tries to classify written free-text reviews either as positive or negative.Machine Learning API examplesThese examples demonstrate how to use cloud-based ML APIs with RPA Framework and selected set of services from AWS, Micr...Robocorp Lab's Interactive TutorialOver the course of this simple 6-part tutorial, using the power of Robot Framework, you'll create a working software rob...Http API robotHTTP API robot. Retrieves data from SpaceX API. Demonstrates how to use RPA.HTTP (create session, get response, validate...Google image search example robotExecutes Google image search and stores the first result image.Dialogs Upload File Example RobotThis robot demonstrates the use of the RPA.Dialogs library to allow the user to choose and upload an Excel file, which i...Dialogs Google Image SearchThis robot demonstrates the use of the RPA.Dialogs library to create a simple user interface to allow the user to choose...