Welcome to Robocorp. We believe the future of RPA should be open.

Open-source. Open to contribution. Open to sharing.  
Open to community members to connect globally.

Proprietary RPA software vendors have paved the way and created a new category of
software in a record amount of time, we want to augment their efforts with a more open
alternative that can deliver new solutions to automation problems.

The digital transformation imperative for businesses has never been more critical.

Businesses need to move faster to become digital businesses.  They require digital transformation now.

Covid-19, combined with a need for businesses to keep pace with their digital peers, have driven a requirement to update systems.

In a perfect utopian world, you’d upgrade every system to a cloud app solution and poof!  You’re done.
But that’s not real.  Business need help to modernize their existing software, and only software developers can help.  And RPA is a major part of the solution.

We want to build a community of RPA developers and professionals.

RPA, Robotic Process Automation is a software discipline.  It is a category of software that is perfect and ideal for an open-source community.  It requires a wide range of capabilities but does not require proprietary licensing.  A free, open community creates a global  ecosystem that will accelerate the success of the industry, and more important, the success of the companies that implement RPA to streamline their operations.

We are based on the Robot Framework, a popular Open-source  RPA and test automation project.

The best software companies in the 21st century are based on open source software.  Why?  Because when smart engineers work together, amazing things happen.  

If you join us and build RPA solutions on our platform, you are building a non-vendor specific skillset that can expand to other software engineering.

Becoming a software robot deliver means you are part of the fastest growing enterprise software category.

What do we get out of this?  Isn’t open source free?

We know that programming software robots is a very important activity.  Just as important, these robots need to be orchestrated efficiently, and they should benefit from cloud-scale that opens up new business solutions.

We are providing that platform.  We will charge per minute pricing to host and manage software robots.  You are not required to host your robots with us, but we hope to earn your business as the most affordable, flexible platform.


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