Automation solutions for retailers and online sellers

Explore the benefits and use cases of RPA in retail and e-commerce. Optimize your business operations and improve margins with retail and e-commerce automation.

Automation in some form has increased efficiency in warehouses and factories for decades. For retailers, however, automation options have not been as readily available, leaving retail operations to rely heavily on employees to handle time-consuming tasks. Now, retailers have the opportunity to boost efficiency by automating repetitive work

With online sales in the US expected to double by 2023, retail businesses must look to new ways to address the rapid evolution in customer expectations. Integrating RPA in retail and ecommerce is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost efficiency and productivity while also enhancing the customer experience.

Automating retail & ecommerce processes

Robocorp’s RPA technology can help retail and ecommerce operations automate a variety of tasks and processes. Integrating retail automation helps your business to increase efficiency, decrease fulfillment times, and allow your employees to focus on more valuable tasks. RPA in retail and ecommerce also fosters the customer-centric focus that today’s shoppers expect. There are many different areas in which your business can integrate retail or ecommerce automation, including:

Invoice processing

Processing invoices not only takes up a significant amount of employee hours, but it is also one of the tasks most prone to human error. RPA in retail can take this task off of your employees' plates, freeing them up to instead spend their time on more valuable customer service concerns – and eliminate errors almost entirely.

Store planning

All retail operations utilize store planning techniques in order to arrange their inventory in the most appealing way possible. Yet even with years of experience, there is still room for human error because people simply cannot analyze data as accurately as AI can. Retail automation RPA bots can analyze sales data in order to create more effective store layouts that better appeal to customer experience and expectations, helping to boost sales and profits.

Sales analytics

Tracking sales-related numbers for your business isn’t just about keeping an eye on your sales volume, it’s also about inventory management, supply-demand planning, and tracking profits. All of this information must be analyzed as quickly as possible in order to create actionable plans, which can be difficult for employees to manage quickly and effectively. Retail and ecommerce automation bots can take care of this task for you, tracking all of your data streams and giving near-instant and error-free results.

New product introductions

Creating and launching new products is one of the most time-consuming tasks that a retail operation undertakes. It requires significant communication and collaboration between multiple departments, and even the smallest error can lead to launch delays. RPA bots can help streamline this process by sending reminders and alerts, as well as monitoring the progress of each individual department. Ecommerce automation can also help by tracking customer sentiment and managing inventory levels to meet demand.

Learn more about automation

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Benefits of RPA in retail & e-commerce

Better inventory management

One of the most important aspects of running a profitable retail operation is inventory management. Having too few of a product means lost revenue, whereas having too many means lost investment and increased warehousing costs. RPA in retail and ecommerce uses AI to analyze sales trends and predict fluctuations in the market, better managing your inventory needs. Bots can even be utilized to order inventory automatically, further enhancing efficiency.

Access real-time analytics

Sales analytics are the key to every retail and ecommerce’s ability to remain a profitable business. RPA in retail and ecommerce utilizes advanced AI technology to track all of your sales-related data in real time, giving you the ability to access your data anytime and more closely monitor trends and profits.

Reduce error rates

There is no way to avoid errors when processes like invoice processing and ordering are being handled by human hands. Retail automation tools, on the other hand, promise a nearly 0% error rate. This means that your business can provide a more seamless customer service experience, more accurately maintain inventory levels, and spend less time on error resolution.

Improved customer experience

Integrating RPA technology into your business doesn’t just help increase efficiency and profits, it also leads to a better customer experience. Reduced errors means fewer customer service calls and complaints, as well as providing a more seamless experience. You can even opt to utilize RPA bots to provide customers with instant order updates, to collect feedback, and to answer simple user queries on your website.

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