Automated employee onboarding

Transform a multi-step, traditionally labor-intensive onboarding process into a one-click task. Simply send across the hiring letter, and let your software bots do the heavy lifting.

1. Receive signed offer letter

Automation is triggered upon receipt

2. Send documents to candidate

Including NDA, W9, and any other company forms

3. Add employee to database

Set employee up for payroll, benefits, and timesheets

4. Create employee accounts

For email and other required applications

5. Send confirmation email

Notify hiring manager and HR team that process is complete

Seamless and streamlined onboarding

Your HR team spends countless hours on the administrative side of hiring. From creating new user profiles, to coordinating W9 and 401k information, to ordering supplies, to managing payroll: these are all routine tasks that slow your organization down.

Simplify and streamline key processes by letting bots accomplish these to-do items in seconds.

Employee onboarding made easy

There are a myriad of tasks to complete when a worker enters or leaves your organization. Though essential, mundane checklists like logging employees out of their user profiles, adding personal information to company databases, and saving key documents in shared folders, are all tasks that consume time and money.

But what if there was an easier way to safeguard your privacy, protect your company’s data, and streamline employees’ onboarding and offboarding? And what if it cost less than half the price you’re paying now?

Robots can accomplish all of the above - and then some - in the time it takes to construct a “Congratulations” email to your chosen candidate. Tap into the power of bots to handle your HR hiring process, and save time and capital in the process.

How the employee onboarding automation works

Once your robots are built, they get to work accomplishing the following:

Confirming details with hiring manager

This occurs after your chosen candidate sends back a signed offer letter. The bot is triggered into action, and they will reach out to the hiring manager to confirm key details.

Logging into e-signature application

Bot sends W9 forms and NDA (as well as any other documents your organization asks for) to your chosen candidate and saves them for future reference.

Adding information to systems and databases

Bot fills organizational systems, such as time-keeping systems, payroll, 401k, with new worker’s information.

Granting system access

Bot creates an email address for the new hire and provides access and log-in information for other necessary applications

Ordering the necessities

Bot sends an email to the staff responsible for ordering technology, business cards, and other necessities of onboarding.

Sending confirmation emails

Bot sends confirmation to the new employee, the hiring manager, and HR team that the onboarding process is complete.

Offboarding workers leaving

Imagine the onboarding sequence, but in reverse. That’s what your bot will action as soon as they receive a notification letting them know a certain employee is leaving the company.

Systems automated


Personnel database

Employee accounts


Benefits of automated employee onboarding

Eliminate data entry work

Perhaps the most mundane task out there, HR employees will be happy to cross this off their to do list. Robots take the data given by new hires and plug it into all necessary applications and databases in seconds, error-free.

Fast-track onboarding new hires

Most HR teams take at least a week to handle the administrative side of hiring. Expedite this labor-intensive process and bring new employees into the office as soon as you’re ready - no time hurdles to speak of.