Automated Generation of Documents

Preparing documents even with the help of already existing company templates is a highly manual and tedious task. A Luxembourg-based Legal firm and its staff were spending a lot of time and exposing the firm to substantial risk of error in generating legal contracts, LPAs, and other legal files manually. Our team at Capto built a robot to automate this process entirely.

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Document generation on auto pilot

If anyone on your team finds himself navigating to a company template, to Save As new document, rename the file for company X and populate manually all information within the template by copying and pasting data from various different sources, then he needs a robot. A robot automates the entire document preparation process to deliver a freshly prepared draft ready for the user’s review, import into the CRM or directly ready to be shared with the client.

Instant preparation of all client documents

Our robots are tireless. Not only are they able to work non stop but they’re always super quick and of course accurate. Save your lawyers time from doing manual robot-like tasks and invest the time into client acquisition and nurturing activities. Keep your clients and your teams happy. Whilst the robots handle the admin!

How automation of generated documents works

1. Choose what document to prepare by selecting the correct company template, i.e. LPA.

As a first step the robot prompts the client with a question “What document would you like to prepare today?”. From a preconfigured list of company templates saved as Word files the client needs to select the correct template which will also determine the question that follows next.

2. Choose which company to prepare the document for.

The client has to select from a dropdown of clients who they would like to prepare the document for.

3. Robot takes the company template and locates the pre-configured Excel spreadsheet containing the required company specific information.

To prepare the document with the correct information, the robot finds the Excel spreadsheet that contains all company related information. This spreadsheet serves as the firm’s database containing all client related information, such as name, incorporation date, company number, etc. Note: The robot can also extract the company information directly from a CRM, third-party websites or other internal databases.

4. Robot prepares the new document and saves it into the Output.

Using the company specific information within the Excel database, the robot inserts the information in the correct holders within the template and completes the document for the chosen company. Once complete, it saves the new draft in the Output for the user’s final review. Note: the robot can also send the new draft directly to the reviewer via email or upload the draft into the CRM and send the reviewer a notification to review and approve the document.

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Benefits of automated document generation

Produce required documents in 30 seconds

It was taking our client up to 45 minutes each to prepare some of their more complex documents. The robot was able to perform the same task in just 30 seconds. By using the robot, the client saves a considerable amount of time and allows the lawyers to focus on what they're best at - providing legal advice to their corporate clients.

Increase speed and efficiency of service

With the robot able to work without a rest, the firm is now able to increase the speed of their operations and reduce the scope for error. The strain on staff to focus on the details whilst completing all documents manually is finally a thing of the past as both robots and people now play to their strengths.