Use case

Financial Audit Data Validation Automation

Does your accounting team spend hours compiling reports, validating data, and taking screenshots for SOX compliance? When there’s data in multiple platforms, let the robots validate it.

Reduce human work time

Robots compile and compare data 100% accuracy, reducing human work time to managing the robot. Spend minutes on data validation, not hours.

Deliver reports faster

Your month-end checklist is long enough. With robots completing tasks 5 to 10 times faster than humans, you’ll rest easy knowing that the data validation will be done.

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CRM-ERP data validation

With data stored in multiple platforms, validation—proving that the information matches—is critical to SOX compliance. In this example, we explore the seemingly universal instance of validating customer, transaction, and revenue data between your CRM and ERP.

While this example uses Salesforce and SAP, Robocorp’s RPA technology can be used for data validation between other platforms.

Why automate?

Compiling each audit report across hundreds of customers and transactions is a repetitive, error-prone process. Using Robocorp to build software robots to automate the process allows you to minimize time to complete data validation or a compliance report with 100% accuracy.

How it works

Once robots are built, they:

  • Compile data. Robots log in to and access records in both platforms, taking a screenshot and exporting the record to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Validate data. Once in the spreadsheet, the robots compare the data and confirm that it matches.
  • Correct the records. The robots record the mismatches and open a dialogue box prompting the user to select which fields should be corrected in which platform.
  • Log compliance. Once the process is complete, the user has a record that the data validation occurred, along with the corresponding screenshots.
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Example robot

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Automation in action

With the help of valued Robocorp partner Thoughtful Automation, we built this demo of the data validation in SAP, Salesforce, and Excel.

You can see the robots log into the platforms, take screenshots of the records, export the data to Excel, and prompt the user to make corrections.

With a small sample size, the robots completed in 3:16 what takes 16:30 when done manually.

The robots performed the data validation 5 times faster than humans. Imagine that at scale.

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