Ecommerce Processes

Ecommerce is digital but requires maniacal efficiency

Use software robots to automate repetitive ecommerce tasks

Use software robots to automate repetitive ecommerce tasks

Due to the pace of change in retail and technology advancement, ecommerce is already undergoing a major transformation despite its relatively new arrival in the retail space. It is steadily becoming more efficient and customer-centric than ever. While ecommerce companies start digitally, they often connect with systems and processes that are very manual and repetitive.

Customers have really high expectations of ecommerce experiences, thanks to Amazon. Efficiency, cost-cutting and automation are critical to stay in business. Thinking of just customer returns: processing returns manually can be time-consuming task, because of the numbers of systems that a single returned item touches (shipping providers, ecommerce systems, ticketing systems, inventory systems). RPA can handle the return, which includes a series of repetitive steps: sending a message confirming receipt of the return, updating the inventory system, making the payment adjustment to the customer, ensuring that the internal billing system is updated, and so on.

Ecommerce Process Examples

  • Automating merchandise inventory updates
  • E-commerce content creation
  • RPA for automating customer contact


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