Use software robots to automate repetitive sales tasks

Data entry professionals simply can't keep up with the digital demands of a modern sales organization. As data appears in a variety of formats from un-editable text to notes on paper, it can be difficult to read and enter all these different pieces of information. RPA is able to leverage optical character recognition technology to read information from different sources and automatically enter it into your CRM system without losing accuracy. It can also run those pesky reports you struggle with in the middle of the night.

Sales and marketing software has become big business. Digital Transformation is hitting all areas, from sales acceleration to marketing automation. Companies are increasingly switching from legacy systems to new solutions. It can be very time-consuming to transfer all the old information. Companies implementing RPA can easily convert from one system to the other with little business disruption or any mistakes a human might otherwise make.

Sales Operations Process Examples

  • Sales Order and Invoice Processing
  • Salesforce Record Updating
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Inbound request routing
  • Move data from on-premise to cloud services
  • Collect data from multiple systems
  • Website reporting aggregations
  • Transitioning from old to new Solutions


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