Salesforce CRM Processes

Salesforce CRM Use Cases for Software Robots

Use software robots to automate repetitive Salesforce CRM tasks

Use software robots to automate repetitive Salesforce CRM tasks

Salesforce is the leading cloud platform for delivering amazing customer experiences. Updating CRM like Salesforce is one of the recurring activities performed by the sales operations team. Software Robots can automate most of the repetitive tasks of maintaining your CRM and also run an error check with other applications like an ERP. With RPA, you can automate CRM processes when APIs are not yet available or they require unique handling. You can empower agents to focus on the customer and spend less time completing repetitive tasks along the journey towards API-led integrations. in many cases, RPA is a more robust use case. RPA can streamline a plethora of CRM-related processes, including account creation, quotes creation, customer service, and contract management. There are many processes where RPA implementation can play a crucial role and provide the benefits mentioned above to businesses.

Salesforce CRM Process Examples

  • Automate the process of registering new customer and new deal wins
  • Automate the process of sending the Sales & Order information from ERP to CRM and notify the salesperson
  • Automate the data entry of customer quotes, order tracking, shipment tracking into CRM
  • Extract data from emails and other documents
  • Automatically create cases in Salesforce
  • Communicate with other digital systems
  • Lead Generation in Salesforce
  • Exporting Reports from Salesforce
  • Audit insurance and prescription systems


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