Using open-source tools to build a software robot workforce in the cloud

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Oct 8, 2020 10AM Pacific Time
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Hear our vision for the future of
Robotic Process Automation

RPA should be free to get started with, developer-centric, and scalable in the cloud

Robocorp Webinar Series

We are dedicated to educating a community of developers to change the way robotic process automation is delivered. We'll be running webinars frequently to help educate the market on why open-source is the right way to build RPA solutions.

Antti Karjalainen

Antti Karjalainen is CEO and Co-founder at Robocorp. He is the visionary behind the Robocorp product and platform strategy. Antti spent 7 years leading and developing RPA and test automation solutions for enterprises around the world. Pioneering the open-source, RPA-as-a-service business model, he founded Robocorp on a mission to democratize the RPA industry. He also serves on the board of the Robot Framework Foundation.

Hanna Kettunen

Hanna Kettunen is Head of Product Management at Robocorp. She leads the company's product strategy, driving Robocorp's long-term roadmap and vision for open-source, cloud-based RPA in the enterprise. Previously, Hanna held various product leadership and strategy roles at both start-ups and enterprise companies. Her career spans across 15 years in product management, analytics, and strategy.