A Modern Approach to Automation

Align your team and constantly improve your automations using the AutomationOps methodology.

What is AutomationOps?

AutomationOps is a modern approach to automation. It’s software developer tools and Control Room combined with a methodology

that brings together business users and technical teams to plan, build, maintain, and continuously improve automations.

AutomationOps is the modern approach to automation

Build and deploy Gen2 robots using Git development best practices paired with Robocorp developer tools, Control Room, and other developer tools to gain maximum version control, traceability, governance, and compliance.

Read the AutomationOps whitepaper

Analyst Jason English of Intellyx explains that AutomationOps is much more than just another rote process methodology.

Document business needs and identify solutions.

The teams within your lines of business know their needs better than anyone. Which repetitive tasks suck the most time? Where are you inputting the same data multiple times? Automation may be the answer.

Design automations and build robots.

What will the automations look like, and what systems will they connect? What will trigger the automations? Business users and developers work together to map the process, then developers build the robots to perform the automations.

Deploy robots. Monitor, measure, and improve.

AutomationOps is an iterative process, so deploying the robots is just the beginning. From there, members of the business lines team and developer team should monitor performance and constantly seek out improvements to the automation process.

Where business meets technology

Core to AutomationOps is iterative development, which requires business users and developers to work in sync. At Robocorp, we advocate for the combining development and operations into a single, agile center of excellence (CoE).

The CoE can include internal developers or those from an outside implementation partner. To learn more about AutomationOps and building your CoE, contact our team.