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Accounts Payable ChallengeThis example robot completes the Accounts Payable Challenge.Ada chatbot conversations triggering Digital WorkersA robot to work with Ada chatbot platform, demonstrating an IT support use case of ordering new laptops.Assistant Tutorial RobotThis robot is part of a tutorial on using Robocorp Cloud and assistants.Auction Sniper ChallengeA robot that solves the Auction Sniper challenge.Automatic Work Item Retrier BotAn example robot which can automatically retry failed work items with specified exception types.Automating Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)Example of using Multi Factor Authentication with One Time PasswordBasic Python TemplateStandard robot template using PythonBotgames Financial Transaction Validation challengeCaptureFast LibraryCloud Tutorial RobotThis robot is part of a tutorial on using Control Room and work items.Compare Account Data Between Salesforce and SAPThis robot demonstrates how to get accounts details from Salesforce and SAP. Robot also can start process to fix account...Convert PDF Files to PNG Images Using PythonThis robot converts PDF files to PNG images using Python. Create output Work Item with result from all the released inputsMapReduce-like pattern for generating one final output Work Item from multiple input ones.Customer Onboarding ChallengeThis example robot completes the Customer Onboarding Challenge.Cyber Loss Prevention ChallengeThis robot solves the Cyber Loss Prevention Challenge.Desktop Automation with Image Recognition and OCRExample robot for automating GnuCash with image templates and OCREmail Authorization with OAuth2 FlowE-mail authorization with OAuth2 flowEmployee Training Reminders with Excel Files and PythonAn employee training reminder robot written in Python. Gets the employee and training data from Excel files (no Excel in...Excel File Merging ExampleA simple example that shows merging multiple workbooks and worksheets.Extended Robot Framework TemplateTemplate for extended robot using Robot FrameworkFull Page Website ScreenshotsA robot that takes full page screenshots of given websites.Google Image SearchExecutes Google image search and stores the first result image.Google Image Search with DialogsThis robot demonstrates the use of the RPA.Dialogs library to create a simple user interface to allow the user to choose...Google Image Search with Firefox BrowserExecutes Google image search and stores the first result image, using Firefox browser taken loaded from conda-forgeHTTP API ExampleHTTP API robot. Retrieves data from SpaceX API. Demonstrates how to use RPA.HTTP (create session, get response, validate...Human Resources ChallengeThis example robot completes the Human Resources Challenge.IMDB Movie Review Sentiment Analysis with Amazon ComprehendA robot that uses Amazon Comprehend to analyze IMDB movie review sentiments.Intelligent document processing with Base64.aiTakes input files from emails (or any work item) and uses Base64.ai to extract data from each supported file.Intelligent document processing with NanonetsHow to use Nanonets model for extracting data from invoices, and use their validation UI for annotation.LastPass Firefox Extension in Robocorp Control RoomA robot that installs Firefox addon during runtime in the headless mode.Machine Learning API ExamplesThese examples demonstrate how to use cloud-based ML APIs with RPA Framework and selected set of services from AWS, Micr...Move Excel ColumnA simple robot that demonstrates how to move Excel columns from one worksheet to anotherMovie Review Sentiment AnalyzerA movie review sentiment analyzer robot. Tries to classify written free-text reviews either as positive or negative.Order in bulk the total number of requested robot partsRobotSpareBin 3-Step Process for distributing orders by robot part type.PDF Invites Creator Multi Task RobotStarting from an Excel file, this robot will generate a personalized PDF invitation for each participant to an event.Power Automate Triggering a Process in Robocorp Control RoomTrigger a Robocorp process from Power Automate flowProcess Invoices to Airtable Using DocDigitizerThis set of robots provides support for automatically obtaining information from invoices using docDigitizer API and kee...Processes Purchase Invoices Automatically Using Aito.AI and Google SheetsPredict GL codes for purchase invoices using Aito on Google Sheets and Robocorp.Processes Randomly Generated PDF Invoices with Amazon TextractThis robot processes randomly generated PDF invoices with Amazon Textract and saves the extracted invoice data in an Exc...Producer-Consumer Model TemplateRobot template for producer-consumer model using Robot FrameworkPython Web ScraperA simple web scraper robot implemented as a Python script using the rpaframework set of libraries.Quarter Close ChallengeA robot that solves the Auction Sniper challenge.RPA Form ChallengeRun this example to solve the form challenge at rpachallenge.com.RPA.DocumentAI: Intelligent Document Processing with various enginesRPA.DocumentAI: Intelligent Document Processing with various enginesResponsive Website Layout CheckerResponsive website layout checker. Reports website layout in different viewport sizes.Robocorp VS Code Extension - Basic TutorialRuns Google image search and guides through the basics of Robocorp VS Code extension.Robocorp Vault ExampleThis simple robot shows how to use the Vault functionality locally and in Control Room.Robot Email DecoderDecodes email attachments to work item files when used as the first step in email triggered processRobot Framework Playwright TemplateWant to build a Playwright-based browser robot? This template robot uses Robot Framework syntax, includes all the necess...Robot Framework Xml ExamplesThis example robot demonstrates how to parse, query, and modify XML using Robot Framework.Robot Spare Bin Intranet Robot - CompleteThis example is the end result of Robocorp's beginners course.Robot Spare Bin Intranet Robot - Starter FilesThis example is the starting point of Robocorp's beginners' course.SMS Reminders with TwilioExample Robocorp robot that reads a Google Sheet table and sends SMS reminders using Twilio.SSH command examplesVarious ways of running SSH commands with/out waiting for output.Salesforce Api Examples Using RobocorpSimple Salesforce API usage examples with Robocorp.Salesforce Lightning Automation with PlaywrightSalesforce Lightning automation with Robot Framework Browser (Playwright).Send Email Using Windows Outlook ApplicationThis robot sends email using Windows Outlook application UI. Application is launched or already open application is used...Simple Web ScraperOpens a web page and stores some content.Simple Windows Calculator BotSimple bot to demostrate Windows desktop capabilitiesSlack NotifierRobot for sending Slack notificationsStandard Robot Framework TemplateStandard robot template using Robot FrameworkSupply Chain ChallengeThis example robot completes the Supply Chain Challenge.Travel Directions Desktop Automation Robot on macOSCross-platform desktop automation using image template matching and keyboard shortcuts.Trigger a process from AnsibleExample of an Ansible Playbook that triggers robot process on fail using Control Room API and Work Items.Trigger robots from Rasa chatbotsExample robot that returns current time in specified city to RASA. Demonstrates two-way integration between chatbots and...Triggering Robocorp processes from FreshdeskWalkthrough on creating an automation in Freshdesk that triggers a process in Robocorp.Twitter Web ScraperOpens the Twitter web page and stores some content.Upload File with DialogsThis robot demonstrates the use of the RPA.Dialogs library to allow the user to choose and upload an Excel file, which i...Using private python packages in robotsRecipe for accessing private PyPI packages with credentials in Robocorp VaultWeb Site Monitoring RobotRobocorp automation stack robot for simple web server monitoringWeb Store Order ProcessorSwag order processing robot.Web Store Order Processor Using Work ItemsAn example robot of creating multiple output work items in a process.Web Store Order Processor with PlaywrightExample Web Store Order Processor implemented with PlaywrightWindows Desktop App RobotThis software robot opens the Spotify desktop application, searches for the given song, and plays the song. The robot de...Windows Notepad Robot to Test The Desktop InteractionsWorking with HTML TablesThis robot demonstrates how to work with HTML tables using Beautiful Soup and RPA Framework.Writing Excel FileThis simple robot shows how to use the RPA.Excel.Files library to write to a local Excel file.Xray Image Viewer ApplicationX-ray Image Viewer (NumPy, imageio, Matplotlib, SciPy)

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