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From enterprise automation to AI Agents

Robocorp is now a part of to deliver on a mission to empower teams with AI agents that automate complex, human-driven work.

Powering the cutting edge automation at some of the world’s best companies

Recent and upcoming

Learn what we’ve been working on recently and events coming up

Build and operate Python bots like never before

All-in-one platform to build and operate bots, scripts and integrations – from one to unlimited scale. Robocorp combines the best of open-source with fast innovation in AI

Automation as Code

Robocorp manages dependencies, environments and logging so that you can focus on the essential code.

Run bots anywhere

Deploy workers that run bots in on-demand cloud containers or on-prem VMs on all platforms.

Open-source automation toolkit

Over 1500 methods to interact with tools like Playwright, HubSpot, SAP, Salesforce, OpenAI and more. Explore capabilities.

AI on your side

Meet ReMark 💬, AI code gen assistant that help you build up to 4x faster. Try now!

What’s possible with Robocorp

AI Actions

Create and deploy collections of Actions that securely expose the chosen functionality of your apps and data to AI agents.

👩‍💻 Developer preview

AI-ready data

Build and operate robust data loaders for RAG apps that can access anything from databases to documents to websites.

Enterprise Python Automation

Scale and govern code-based automations in the enterprise with the state-of-the-art and secure platform. An alternative to RPA.

Embed automation

Deliver new value to your customers by building new services and product offerings – Powered by Robocorp.

Build with VS Code and leverage thousands of pre-built tools

Robocorp Code extension comes with batteries (and ReMark💬) included so you can focus on building instead of configuring.

Extend with community

Any package from PyPi or Conda-forge package are available for you.

Browser automation

Record steps, and manager locators and interact with any browser. Fast.


In all different ways and shapes. Locators. Java. Images. OCR.


Integrate with any API out there.

Office apps

Interact with Excel, Word and Outlook without the app licenses.

Automatic logging

Examine every action of what the bot does. Debug like a star. On your machine and in production.

Operate with Control Room

Secure platform for deploying and operating Python tasks anywhere with data management and visibility built in. Scales from Personal Projects to Enterprise Solutions.


Use our zero-setup Cloud infrastructure or configure your own to remotely run tasks anywhere.


Dynamically scale processing across multiple workers based on the workload.

Secure and compliant

SOC type 2, HIPAA, GDPR, RBAC, SSO, comprehensive audit logs.

Built-in data system

Sophisticated work data system enables fine-grained data processing, exception handling and analytics.

Schedule and trigger

Run tasks on a schedule or trigger through API calls and emails.


Full API and webhooks for integrating Python automations with virtually anything.

Vault and assets

Secure way to store secrets and persistent assets to be used by your automations.


Stay on top of your business and technical operations with dashboards, exportable data, and run logs.

What our customers think

Secure platform for deploying and operating Python tasks anywhere with data management and visibility built in. Scales from Personal Projects to Enterprise Solutions.

Juha Järvi
Global Head of Healthcare, Digital Workforce Services Plc

Robocorp has enabled us to deliver a highly scalable and cost-effective solution for the Healthcare areas, and we are able to achieve great benefits for our customers. Our experience with Robocorp has not only solved our immediate challenges but also enabled our developers to create more powerful and reliable solutions.

Asad Nabi
Head of Architecture, Integration & Automation

We believe that Robocorp’s Python-based automation platform provides a seamless integration pathway for AI technologies and enables organizations to leverage rapid innovation in the open-source Python and AI/ML ecosystem.

Ben Carter
Vice President of Engineering, Three Ships

Before Robocorp, our workforce was stuck collecting affiliate revenue information from over 60 sources, manually reviewing and fixing errors, and consolidating information into our data stores. Now, our employees can focus on more strategic work. Robocorp has helped improve data integrity and has become a part of our critical data pipeline.