Robocorp Automation training courses and certifications

Robocorp Developer Training

Welcome to Robocorp Developer Training! Robocorp Developer Training consists of three parts, Level I, Level II and Level III. The goal is to give you a basic understanding of Robocorp tools and enable you to build robots on your own. After completing a quiz for each course at the end of the course, you will receive a Robocorp Developer Training certification.

The beginners' course, our level I training, will teach you how to build your first automation with Robocorp tools. You will learn about creating your first automation, get setup with VS Code and tooling, and at the end of the course, you will upload your task package to Robocorp Control Room, to easily run the automation in Cloud.

In level II developer training, you will build your automation independently, with the help of the materials from our documentation. You will learn more about the best practices when developing, such as using Vault for secrets and how to run automations with Assistants.

In level III developer training, you will learn about implementing robust and scalable automations by building a producer-consumer automation using work items.

Good luck with the training! Remember that you can always ask for help on our Customer Slack.

Technical certificates (coding required)