Open-source RPA quickstart guide

Welcome to Robocorp! This quickstart teaches you the basics of our products, how to build software robots in Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and orchestrate them in Control Room. As we go through the process of software robot development, we will explain our approach to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in more detail.

Robocorp was founded on the realization that robotic process automation is fundamentally a developer domain. That's why we build our automation stack and products with mainly developers in mind, but developers are people too! So our design approach is to use syntax and language that is easy to read and write (Robot Framework). Pure Python robots are also supported natively!

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Next, install Visual Studio Code with Robocorp extensions. Visual Studio Code with Robocorp extensions offers everything you need to create software robots using human-readable syntax. It's a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and free to use!

Example robots are a great way to get started with creating software robots. You can execute them with minimal setup. The robots use the recommended file structure.

Robot Framework, Python, or both. Your choice!

Software robots are built with Robot Framework, or Python, or both! Robot Framework has an easy to read syntax that you will quickly grasp. You can learn more about Robot Framework from these articles:

For Python robot examples see these articles:

From developer to developers

To help you develop faster, we maintain and develop a curated selection of open-source libraries, that support the most common automation use cases. Our open ecosystem is also extendable with any external Python library.

We have also created Robot Framework Language Server and Robocorp VS Code extensions to allow robot development with the tools of your choice.

Learn more and join the community

There is a lot more to discover and learn:

  • Improve your software robot development skills and dive deeper with our Beginners' course, where you will create a fully working robot from scratch. Completing the course will grant you the Robocorp Level I certificate!
  • When you are ready for a challenge, take the Robocorp Level II certificate course, Build a robot!
  • Learn about building robust and scalable robots in our Work data management course. Completing the course will grant you the Robocorp Level III certificate!
  • Go through our example robots to learn best practices.
  • Join our forums to discuss with the community.
  • With a Robocorp account, you can also reach us through Robocorp Slack.
  • View videos on Robocorp YouTube channel.

Build it with VS Code. Run it in Control Room.

You assemble your robot in VS Code and run it in Control Room.

Control Room is your control center for everything automated. You can orchestrate your robots, monitor their execution and status, view their output artifacts, and more.

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March 31, 2022