Open-source RPA quickstart guide

Welcome to Robocorp! This quickstart teaches you the basics of our products, how to build software robots in Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and orchestrate them in Control Room. As we go through the process of software robot development, we will explain our approach to automation in more detail.

Robocorp was founded on the realization that robotic process automation is fundamentally a developer domain. That's why we build our enterprise-grade automation stack and products mainly with developers in mind! Our design approach is to use syntax and language that is easy to read and write (Robot Framework). Python robots are also supported natively!

Start building software robots today

To get started, create an account in Robocorp Control Room if you do not have one already. It's the most advanced and easy-to-use platform to deploy and orchestrate software robots.

Next, install Visual Studio Code with the Robocorp extensions Studio Code with Robocorp extensions offers everything you need to create software robots using human-readable syntax. It's a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and free to use!

Upgrade your journey and use your own personal assistant, ReMark 💬✨ to help you out either with quick answers to your questions or code snippets directly to elevate your programming experience.

Robocorp Tools

Choose the next steps based on your role or interest

A developer is typically the individual who will be coding the project. They will need to understand the libraries available to them and how to quickly resolve common RPA challenges to be effecient. Below are the recommended courses and docs pages to be familiar with as you start your journey.

Last edit: November 30, 2022