Empowering LLMs to learn and interact with data

Beyond Chatbots: Empowering LLMs to Learn and Interact with Data

In our recent showcases with Action Server, including CurlGPT and Database examples, we've uncovered a way to leverage LLMs beyond their everyday use as chat interfaces

Robocorp joins Sema4.ai

Robocorp Joins Sema4.ai Advancing Human-AI Collaboration

We are excited to announce that Robocorp has joined forces with Sema4.ai to advance human-AI collaboration!

From thinking to doing: Introducing AI Actions

AI Actions transform LLMs from information processors to active participants in enterprise systems and enable completely new and practical use-cases for Generative AI.

Three Insider Tips for Getting the Most from ReMark, Your GenAI Companion

Throughout the year, Generative AI (GenAI) has dominated discussions in boardrooms, conference agendas, and found its place on virtually every technology roadmap. Many of our competitors have pledged to integrate GenAI into their products, but promises often precede meaningful deliveries. Already in July 2023, we proudly introduced ReMark, a revolutionary GenAI chat assistant and code generator. It is Generally Available without any barriers - for everyone at no cost.

Robocorp's 2023 in Review: Embracing Generative AI in a Year of Breakthrough Automation Features

Looking back on 2023, it's clear that the year was transformative for the tech industry, with generative AI taking the world by storm. This revolutionary technology has reshaped countless sectors, and at Robocorp, we've been at the forefront of integrating generative AI into our automation solutions. This year was marked by relentless innovation and significant advancements in our technology, with a particular focus on harnessing the power of generative AI to enhance and streamline automation processes. From upgrading our RPA framework to introducing new tools and features, we've worked tirelessly with our amazing customers to push the boundaries of modern automation.

Digital Workforce Services Plc and Robocorp Extend Their Partnership with a New 3-Year Agreement for Advanced Automation Solutions

Digital Workforce Services Plc and Robocorp Extend Their Partnership with a New 3-Year Agreement for Advanced Automation Solutions

Unlock the Power of Python: Top 5 Courses for Mastering Automation

Python, the versatile programming language, has become an essential tool for developers, especially those looking to simplify and automate their tasks. Whether you're a seasoned programmer or a beginner, these Python courses will enhance your skills and increase efficiency. Let's dive into the top five Python courses catering to various needs and budgets.

Exploring AI agents

Exploring AI Agents: A Journey with 'llmstatemachine'

In this article, we will explore the implementation of generative AI agents, examining the difficulties and resolutions involved in navigating and engaging with dynamic digital environments.

Why We Built the Control Room API

A message from Robocorp engineers to other engineers and any curious minds

Bye Bye Robots

Robots will now be called Task Packages, which contain the Tasks just as before. Read on to learn why.

Robocorp Python Automation Success Stories

New Blog Series: Embedding Robocorp - Building Scalable Success Stories

Discover how companies are achieving remarkable success through Robocorp's cutting-edge Python automation stack and join us in the exciting era of limitless possibilities in business automation.

Robocorp Launches ReMark💬, a Generative AI Assistant for Automation Developers

ReMark💬, Robocorp’s chatbot assistant for code development makes creating automations faster and easier for developers.

Something that used to take me 1 hour to do now takes me 10-15 minutes.

Python is Taking Over Low-Code in Automation

Generative AI is changing how we develop code and now it’s turning the tables against low-code automation.

Legacy RPA Providers Have Dropped the Ball with Partners

Legacy RPA Providers Have Dropped the Ball with Partners

Legacy RPA providers have dropped the ball and failed to deliver on their promises, causing a noticeable disruption in the market for implementation and reseller partners. At the same time, automation managed service provider (MSP) opportunity is growing faster than ever. Robocorp is leading this new segment with an offering that combines unparalleled technology and pricing.

Python automations on Robocorp

Unleashing the Power of Python in Automation

Announcing the new framework for Python automation as well as the new project templates that get Python developers started on enterprise-grade automation in no time.

How Generative AI Changes RPA

Generative AI is transforming the RPA landscape, opening new possibilities for automation and redefining our approach to building bots. Its integration with existing RPA practices leads to faster, more efficient, and more intelligent automation processes.

Robocorp and Siili Solutions Plc Announce Partnership to Drive Next-Generation Intelligent Process Automation Solutions

Introducing ReMark💬 – Robocorp's Generative AI Assistant for Automation Developers

Robocorp has always been at the forefront of advancing software-defined automation, and our latest innovation continues that tradition. We are thrilled to introduce ReMark💬, a chatbot assistant designed specifically for automation developers.

Introducing Robocorp’s New Setup Utility to Simplify Getting Started

Experimenting with Robocorp’s ChatGPT HTML Selector Guesser Assistant

The new Portal bot uses OpenAI API to guess the XPath selectors from a given site.

Robocorp Awarded "Overall Open Source Data Solution Provider of the Year" for the Second Consecutive Year

Fourth Annual Data Breakthrough Awards Program Honors Outstanding Data Technology Products and Companies

Gen2 RPA Migration Plan: The Key to Unlocking True Business Transformation

Open-source intelligent automation gives enterprises the tools they need to succeed in an AI-driven future while delivering significant ROI today.

Smarter, Faster, Better: Robocorp Announces New Control Room UX

Elevating user experiences in Gen2 intelligent automation.

Robocorp Named RPA Leader by G2

We’re honored to join an exclusive club of robotic process automation leaders on the industry’s most trustworthy product review source.

Robocorp Announces Video Streaming for Unattended Bots

Visualize and Troubleshoot Your Bots with Robocorp’s New Video Streaming Feature

Employee Spotlight: Marco Stenico

In Robocorp’s employee spotlight blog posts, you meet the team behind our products and hear what they say about their lives and work at Robocorp.

How to Future-Proof the Enterprise with Gen2 RPA

Open-source intelligent automation gives enterprises the tools they need to succeed in an AI-driven future while delivering significant ROI today.

Robocorp Announces Integration with ChatGPT for RPA Use Cases

Automation Dream Team: Robocorp’s Python-based Gen2 RPA + Microsoft Power Automate

Harness the power of these heavy hitters to transform your enterprise today and into the future.

Robocorp Announces New Partnership with Neostella

Collaboration Provides Companies of All Sizes Greater Ability to Scale Utilizing Gen2 RPA

Are you using Playwright? Put your scripts into Robocorp to get immediate enterprise scale.

Employee Spotlight: Pekka Haimi

In Robocorp’s employee spotlight blog posts, you get to meet the team behind our products and what they have got to say about their lives and work at Robocorp.

How crul + Gen2 RPA gets data that transforms your business

How to Turn Customers into Brand Advocates with Gen2 RPA

2023 Control Room Terminology, Assistant, and Process Updates

Robocorp Announces Enhanced Partner Program to Bring Benefits of Automation to More Businesses

The new program extends the capabilities of Robocorp's partners to unlock more opportunities and solutions to achieve business goals.

Robocorp Wins Best Use of RPA in AI Journal's Global Excellence Awards

As Leading RPA Provider, Robocorp Celebrated for Effective and Innovative Automation.

Top-10 Essential Features to Look For in an RPA Solution

Trending: Global enterprises rapidly adopting Gen2 RPA - the next generation of intelligent automation

Robocorp Awarded World Finance Innovation Award

Leading RPA Provider Honored as the Most Innovative Company in the Software Industry

Robocorp Shortlisted for 2022-2023 Cloud Awards

International Cloud Computing Awards Program Announces Initial Shortlist

Employee Spotlight: Saana Taimisto

In Robocorp’s employee spotlight blog posts, you meet the team behind our products and hear what they say about their lives and work at Robocorp.

Separating Hype from Hyperautomation

Why Serious IT Leaders Choose Open-Source RPA

Lessons Learned from Robocorp Customers

Robocorp Successfully Completes HIPAA Audit Program

We completed the HIPAA Audit Program for July 31, 2022, promoting confidence in data handling and security practices.

The Power of Python to Automate Anything

Open-source Gen2 RPA helps you break free from limitations that stand between you and your automation goals.

Employee Spotlight: Rihards Gravis

In Robocorp’s employee spotlight blog posts, you get to meet the team behind our products and what they’ve got to say about their lives and work at Robocorp.

Developing Secure and Compliant RPA Bots Starts With AutomationOps

Intelligent Document Processing is Smart. Make it Genius with Gen2 RPA

Pairing intelligent document processing (IDP) tools with the most powerful robotic process automation (RPA) platform delivers world-class hyperautomation results.

Robocorp Expands Team with Stina Gustavsson and Tejus Venkatesh To Key Positions

Gustavsson joins as the Global Head of Strategic Partnership and Venkatesh joins as a Technical Evangelist to Lead Robocorp’s Developer Programs.

SOC 2 Type 2 Certification: What it Is and Why it Matters

Robocorp completed our SOC 2 Type II audit for August 1, 2021, to July 31, 2022, which certifies data handling and security practices.

OpenAI Whisper - robots with human-level speech recognition skills?

Automation for the Enterprise: Are we there yet?

Looking at the new Robocorp Automation Studio

The Transition Between Test Automation and RPA

Uniting Coders and Business Users in One Collaborative Environment

Top-5 Ways Digital Workers Can Speed Up Monthly Close & Reporting

Robocorp Launches Automation Studio to Seamlessly Uplevel Teams and Bots

With an Increase in RPA, Robocorp’s New Automation Tool Allows Developer Teams to Easily Create Bots that are Better, Stronger, and Easier to Manage

Extending GitOps to Hybrid IT with Second Generation RPA

Robocorp Named a High Performer in the Grid® Report for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Summer 2022

As the RPA Industry Grows, Robocorp is Recognized for their Outstanding Work and Exceptional Reviews from Real Users

Robocorp Adds Two New Executives, Tommi Holmgren and Sebastian Toro, to Management Team

Holmgren to Serve as Vice President of Solutions and Toro to Serve as New Vice President of Partnerships to Lead Robocorp in Rapidly Expanding RPA Market.

Robocorp Survey: The State of RPA 2022

Talking About Digital Workers In An Actual Elevator

Robocorp Wins Intellyx's 2022 Digital Innovator Award

As Leading RPA Provider, Robocorp Secures Award for Driving Enterprise Digital Transformation

How Gen2 RPA Helps Companies Get Through the Great Resignation

How to change RPA pricing for good

Consumption pricing is the new industry gold standard for RPA and this article will explain why.

Multi Vendor Strategy is the New RPA Normal

Robocorp's Gen2 RPA Solution Continues To Stake Its Ground In The Hyper Automated World

Open-source RPA with cloud orchestration shifts the automation landscape into an on-demand world

A Quick Guide: How Do You Make a Robot in Python?

Improve process quality, speed and productivity to meet demanding workloads by creating a robot in Python.

The World on the Other Side

Whatever you do: Do it for you.

Partner Profile: Bots & People

Bots & People launched the worlds first independent full-scale automation platform.

Robocorp Named the Overall Open Source Solution Provider of the Year

Gen2 RPA provider captures honors as judges see the technology's groundbreaking capabilities.

Open source conference

Open source: Bringing joy to the intelligent automation and low-code world

Analyst guest post Jason English of Intellyx -- Part 3 of 4 in the Gen2 RPA series

Partner Profile: Vuono Group

Vuono Group is a business engineering company focusing on digital efficiency.

Insurance claims documents with customer

Why insurance claims are the perfect use of automation

Claims are a multi-step process that are sequential and rules-based, making them ripe for automation.

Combining the power of open-source projects and communities

Together, we can accomplish great things.

What does an e-commerce behemoth and $120b of revenue have in common with Robocorp’s partner program?

There are things happening in the greater workforce that Robocorp is strategically aligned with. At the same time, we are uniquely positioned to support fresh business models outside the legacy traditions of RPA giants.

Implementing Next-Generation RPA with a ‘Minimum Viable Bot’ Strategy

Analyst guest post Jason Bloomberg of Intellyx -- Part 2 of 4 in the Gen2 RPA series

Few money vs. many money

Why pay many money when few money do trick?

Automation does not have to be prohibitively expensive.

Robocorp Unveils Dynamic Scalability that Enables Significant Cost Savings

This First-of-its-Kind Functionality Allows Customers To Dynamically Scale and Automate

Infrastructure Cost Savings with Robocorp

Run multiple bots on a Windows virtual machine with Robocorp. Save money on infrastructure and operations through parallel execution of Windows automation on a single server.

For those about to resign - we salute you! It’s time to move on...from Gen1 RPA

This blog is both a proud reflection of Robocorp’s “first year” and evolving go-to-market strategy since our general availability launch in October 2020, as much as it is a rally cry for future partners to join our thriving ecosystem!

The challenge of uptake: What’s limiting RPA’s full potential?

Analyst guest post Jason English of Intellyx -- Part 1 of 4 in the Gen2 RPA for All Series

Cabel Partners Successfully Stream-lining Their Operations by Leveraging an Ultra-Efficient Digital Workforce

Learn how Robocorp certified partner, Cognitive Automation Labs, successfully streamlined Cabel Partners, an audit firm based in Sydney, Australia, business processes to scale operations.

When is a cloud RPA deployment a better choice than on-premise RPA?

One of the most important decisions that arises in software robot development is whether to host your digital workforce in the cloud or on-premise.

Forces of change: The Great Resignation & digital workers

The Great Resignation, the term given to a mass exodus from the workforce, has impacted on many companies this year. It has also started a discussion on how automation and digital workers (also known as "robots" or simply "bots") can be a solution. 

Teddy & spaghetti photos from Unsplash.com

Work data management and granny's spaghetti

Robocorp Releases Work Data Management Solution

Robocorp is powering up it’s Control Room with Work Data Management. It significantly boosts the performance of bots by using built-in parallel processing while enabling customers to build & deliver cost-effective automations.

Migrating to a Gen2 RPA Platform

What is Gen2 RPA, and how does it compare to Gen1? Discover the benefits, weighing the risks and rewards, the models of bot migration, and more.

Robocorp appoints Silicon Valley Veteran Dave Dabbah as Chief Marketing Officer

Robocorp's new CMO Dave Dabbah brings more than 20 years of experience building and leading marketing teams for B2B technology companies.

RPA-as-a-service: automation for all businesses

The evolution of robotic process automation (RPA) technology—including its business and implementation models—is not unlike the path that software has taken. Just as software used to require large infrastructure and staffing investments, so, too did RPA.

Intelligent automation, a business case calculation

Intelligent automation is on the rise, a practical example of the cost and benefit of such an opportunity can help to explain why! Rather than traditional RPA workflows that are rule-based, intelligent automation adds machine learning “brains” to the working “hands” of automation, ultimately adding some intricacies to the implementation.

Robocorp’s take on second generation (Gen2) RPA

Through the first generation of tools, RPA has been on the rise. But what's possible with the Gen2 tools?

Automation for the transforming role of finance

As we swiftly turn around to reflect on the pandemic’s impact on companies and worklife, we often hear finance teams across the globe speak more and more about the increasing importance of automation and the integration of digital workers.

What is RPA? A breakdown of RPA and its benefits

Robocorp's guide to automation. Explore the benefits, its use cases, and how an RPA platform can transform your business.

SOC it 2 me: Jani explains SOC 2

With Robocorp's recent SOC 2 announcement, Jani Palsamäki wanted to explore what the certification really means.

Robocorp announces SOC 2 Type 2 certification

Robocorp successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 2 audit, which certifies data handling and security practices.

Partner Profile: Quandri

Quandri specializes in bringing automation to businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

Robocorp announces expanded partner program to bring benefits of automation to more businesses

Program includes new benefits and resources for partners to build and market their process automation services on Robocorp's open-source platform

Digital transformation developer with code

The Role of RPA In a Digital Transformation Strategy

Automation should play a key role in any organization's digital transformation strategy.

Robocorp partner implements healthcare automation solution

Are you a healthcare leader? Learn how Robocorp utilizes our partners to implement automation to healthcare providers.

How to get real value from automation

Robocorp closes $21 million Series A round, unveils Control Room platform

Robocorp leadership expresses gratitude to developer community and global partner network

How to share reusable code and functionality between your robot projects using Git submodules?

After developing several robots, you might find you need the exact same functionality (custom keywords and libraries) in many of them. Instead of copying & pasting the same code into each robot project, isolating and sharing the common code between the robots makes sense!

Robocorp continues to add to its Go-to-Market team

Robocorp announces new hires to strengthen its ability to serve customers and partners

Desktop automation with Robocorp

Desktop automation strategies and best practices using image locators, keyboard navigation, OCR, and accessibility locators

How to automate a desktop application with Robocorp? What are the strengths and the weaknesses of the different strategies? Are there best practices?

Robocorp recognized by Intellyx as a 2021 Digital Innovator

Intellyx names Robocorp among its inaugural class of disruptive digital transformation vendors.

Reimagining the automation playbook

Tune into our upcoming webinar with Antti Karjalainen, our CEO, Sebastian Toro, Head of Intelligent Automation at Cognizant and Jason Bloomberg of Intellyx.

xPA: Clearing confusion through any-process-automation

Analyst Guest Blog by Jason English, Intellyx

The challenge in automation scale-up

The business model that relies on citizen developers makes it difficult to implement automation at scale.


Intelligent automation: where RPA meets AI

Intelligent automation has been getting a lot of attention, but what is it exactly? And where do RPA and AI fit in?

Why do RPA projects fail? Automation is what we make of it

11 out of 12 automation projects fail. Robocorp's COO explores why and outlines a better path forward.

New useful features in Robot Framework 4 for automation developers

Robot Framework 4 introduces useful new features for automation developers: native IF / ELSE IF / ELSE conditional execution, nested control structures, skipping tasks on condition, and more!

What is open source RPA? The technology explained

Automation makes your team more efficient and your life easier. But what is the value of open source RPA in particular?

Low-code and citizen-development are trending again – beware!

Robocorp COO Jouko Ahvenainen warns of a citizen developer fully replacing software developers, arguing that some jobs need to be left to professionals.

Robocorp continues to gain praise and recognition from variety of trusted voices

Trusted voices in the technology, startup, and RPA communities are taking notice at Robocorp's reimagining of automation.

4 ways to use automation in accounting

With its manual processes and repetitive tasks, accounting is the perfect place to bring automation to your business.

Robocorp announces key hires on North American go-to-market team

Robocorp is building its commercial team to bring its enterprise offering to market.

Announcing: Robot Assistants at your service!

Find out why and how to create and use human-in-the-loop automations with the help of Robot Assistants.

Automation developer interview

Automation developer: What skills should you learn to spend your valuable time wisely? What are the practical things that an automation developer works on in their daily life? What things should you consider before starting on the path?

Automation vendor lock-in: How to deal with it?

What is automation vendor lock-in, what can it cause, and how to deal with it? 🔐 😎

The Core Skills of a Successful Developer

As with many professions, a developer needs many skills to be successful. Some of the skills are universally useful to all developers, no matter the problem, the domain, or the technology involved. These skills will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Empower Your Best People With Desktop Automation

Automating your desktop-based business workflows frees your best people to help with other important matters! Grab a cup of liquid and see how Robocorp's desktop automation can empower your employees and business!

Next-Generation Browser Automation With Playwright and Robocorp

Modern browser automation with Robocorp and Playwright-based Robot Framework Browser is here!

Cross-platform desktop automation with Robocorp and image templates

Cross-platform image-based automation (Windows, Linux, and macOS). Sounds too good to be true? Let us introduce Robocorp image template matching!

Announcing the Robocorp Cloud API

Integrate your robot workforce into your existing infrastructure with the new Robocorp Cloud API capabilities!

Scheduling robots made simple with CRON expressions

Business processes rely on robots to run specific actions at specific times. Sometimes the scheduling requirements are complex, requiring custom code or vendor-specific schedulers, leading to hard-to-debug bugs or solutions that can not be reused in any other system.

Introducing Robocorp Cloud: the simplest, fastest solution to building a software robot workforce in the cloud

See how we're simplifying cloud-based software robot development with our powerful platform

Simplifying Python-based automation, introducing RCC

Announcing RCC, Robocorp's open-source toolchain that allows you to create, manage and run python-based automation projects in no time!

The future of RPA is open source

With our new $5.6M funding round, we're another step closer to democratizing RPA for everyone

Partners: add open source and cloud options to your customer offerings

We're inviting all technology service providers to partner with us to unlock powerful open source RPA solutions that are not practical or possible with today's offerings

Calling all software robot developers for early access

We're opening our platform to the world - see how we're ushering in the future of RPA with open source, cloud-first tools

Start building software robots

Control Room is a seamless platform for operating and running software robots. It is always available and doesn't require a complicated infrastructure setup.

Robocorp raises $5.4 million ahead of summer GA release

Today we're pleased to share that Robocorp has closed a new $5.4 million round of funding from our existing investors Benchmark, Slow Ventures, and firstminute Capital

AI is not possible without Automation

If you think of AI as the intelligent brains of processing data, then automation is the hands.

Python RPA - the native language of automation

While many languages can be used in automation, we outline why Python and automation are a perfect match.

Robocorp named OneOffice Hot Vendor by HFS Research

HFS Research included Robocorp among its Hot Vendors in its Q1 2021 report