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Future-proof your career

If you’re looking for a company that encourages you to innovate, helps empower people to automate, and grows your career, then you’ll love working at Robocorp.

Open positions

Robocorp is for the ambitious, the problem solvers, the creative, and the innovators.

We’re bringing the most advanced intelligent automation platform to the world. The rules for Gen1 RPA had to be rewritten, and our Gen2 RPA platform solves real business problems and delivers immediate impact to our partners and customers.

Working from anywhere in the world works for us.

We believe in a remote work experience for everyone – so if you live in the Bay Area, near the Arctic Circle, or in the French Alps, you too can become a Robonaut. Our talented team is scattered around the globe and 100% remote since day one.

Life at Robocorp

We move fast

We move fast and are not afraid to make decisions. We confront challenges with innovation, dedication, and passion. We value individuals who boldly take ownership of their work, seek solutions, and get things done.

We value diversity

We strive to be a modern, flexible, and caring workplace. Diversity and Inclusion are not just buzzwords for us but a way of life. We have global teams and offer equal opportunities for everyone – no matter where you live, your background, or your role in the organization.

We are ambitious

We aim high and are not afraid to say it. Hard work should always be rewarded, so that’s why we offer equity to all our employees. We want everyone to be part of the value and success we create.

Raise the bar

Make it awesome, be awesome. Do the best job of your lifetime.

Action over deliberation

Have a bias for action where decisions are reversible. Perfect is the enemy of done.

Own it

Take responsibility and show it. Go beyond your role when needed.

Focus on outcomes

Always start with the customer and work backward.

Care for each other

We don’t tolerate jerks. Be welcoming. Be considerate. Be respectful.

We believe in a healthy work-life balance – and we don’t just say it, we practice it.

Our employees’ well-being is essential to our success. We understand that our ability to be creative and productive depends on our happiness and satisfaction, and that’s why we have created a culture that values healthy work-life balance and personal well-being for our Robonauts.

How do our team members describe working at Robocorp?

We asked our people to describe Robocorp’s culture. Here’s what they said:

“This is the first time I can say that I feel like I belong. Everyone helps and supports one another. I’ve been given space to grow my career and express myself authentically. Everyone contributes to a culture of openness and safety.”

Technical Account Manager

“All your friends are talking about switching jobs, but you won’t do that if you’re at Robocorp. This is where people care for each other, and you will feel fulfilled and appreciated!”

Software Engineer

“In a supervisor role, Robocorp is the first company where I have the tools and the support of our wonderful HR to take care of my team. “Action over deliberation” is one of our fundamental values that resonates on all levels of Robocorp, and we get things done.”

Engineering Director

“Growing here gives me a reason to wake up every Monday morning with excitement, given the purposeful challenges I’m dealing with. Having leaders setting realistic expectations allows me to live a digital nomad lifestyle in a remote-first async collaboration.”

Senior Software Engineer

Want to meet your future colleagues?

Every month we shine the spotlight on a different team member to hear what they have got to say about their lives and work at Robocorp.

Let’s talk benefits!

  • Unlimited PTO – Everybody needs time to recharge. We care about your well-being and fulfillment outside of work. You are encouraged to plan your time off based on your personal needs and workload.
  • Parental leave – Having a newborn is a wonderful thing and we want to make sure you get to spend time with your growing family. We provide generous paid time off for both parents.
  • Paid family leaves – We provide employees with paid time off for qualifying circumstances related to their family members. Sometimes, family members are also invited to our company events and offsites.
  • Work remote – We’ve been built as a fully distributed company since day one. Feeling like spending the summer in Europe and the winter in Canada? We are for the digital nomads and people alike.
  • Flexible working time – Feel free to organize your day the way it suits you best – as long as teamwork runs smoothly. If you need a break to go running or to the gym, take it. You are more productive, when you’re feeling well.
  • Salary and equity
  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Annual wellness stipend
  • 401(k) plan (in the US)
  • Quarterly remote-first social events
  • Company-wide off-site events and meetups
  • Possibility to global travel and meeting your colleagues
  • Coolest swag to make you stand out in the crowd
  • Possibility to participate in our Corporate Social Responsibility activities
  • Culture of celebrating victories, no matter how big or small
  • Work equipment of choice
  • Ergonomic support for home office setup
  • Best tools for effective asynchronous work
  • The most talented colleagues from all around the world
  • Brain-friendly working methods
  • Custom-made remote work and mental health toolkits
  • Peer support and coaching
  • Access to work-related training, courses, seminars, etc.
  • Inspiring leadership

Robocorp is a silicon valley startup backed by leading venture capitalists