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Avero Diagnostics Slashes TCO by 62% and Boosts Productivity by 80%

Avero Diagnostics, a leading pathology practice and genetic testing provider, successfully migrated from Automation Anywhere to Robocorp in under a month, achieving impressive cost savings, faster processing times, and improved automation management.

The client

About Avero Diagnostics

Avero Diagnostics is a CAP/CLIA-certified diagnostics laboratory with multiple locations in Texas and a remote workforce across the United States. They are dedicated to making a positive impact on patients’ lives and the physicians who treat them, providing unparalleled customer service and improved healthcare delivery through their laboratory and research facilities.

“Working with Robocorp has been a delight. They understand our ‘why’ and seek opportunities to be a value-add partner to help us achieve our goals.” Kristie Underwood, Director, IT Project Management at Avero Diagnostics


Overcoming Limitations with Legacy Systems and Automation Solutions

Avero Diagnostics faced challenges with a small development team responsible for creating custom solutions for time-consuming, repetitive tasks. They aimed to automate these processes to enhance ROI and reduce staff frustration. Additionally, Avero dealt with various legacy systems without APIs, requiring non-programmatic interfacing. After implementing Automation Anywhere, they found the solution prone to errors and lacking in flexibility, reusable functions, and efficient debugging, ultimately leading to more maintenance issues.

“The Work Data Management system was flexible and easy to use when integrating with Salesforce’s API. With Robocorp, we were able to implement the first payload in minutes instead of hours, and the system’s dynamic scaling capabilities accelerated automation execution in both production and testing.”

IT QA Manager, Avero Diagnostics


We Made Complex Easy

Robocorp provided Avero Diagnostics with a robust, flexible, open-source platform that enabled the development team to create reusable functions for complex bots. Avero quickly implemented account creation and insurance billing process bots on Robocorp’s platform within four weeks.

The Robocorp Control Room offered comprehensive automation orchestration, seamless bot deployment, and easy troubleshooting through detailed logs. Additionally, the Work Data Management tool and easy vault configuration simplified bot management and secure credential storage.

The Results

Avero Diagnostics successfully implemented two processes into production within a month, simplifying their automations and achieving significant cost savings. The robust, reliable bots built on Robocorp’s platform outperformed those created with Automation Anywhere, reducing complexity and maintenance time. As a result, Avero experienced increased productivity, faster execution times, and a lower total cost of ownership.


Reduction in bot processing time


Annual savings projected


FTEs worth of weekly effort saved


Reduction in TCO

Looking Ahead

Avero Diagnostics plans to expand its automation efforts across IT, client and customer support, and revenue cycle management processes. They aim to enhance current bots by leveraging Robot Framework’s features, improving integration with the Robocorp Control Room, and incorporating AI technologies to automate common laboratory workflows.

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