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Boosting Invoice Processing Efficiency by 56% with Robocorp

Discover how Robocorp’s intelligent automation platform transformed Ramirent’s invoice processing and empowered their finance team.

The client

About Ramirent

Ramirent, a subsidiary of Loxam, is a leading equipment rental company offering services to construction, consumer, and other industries. With over 3,000 employees and 300 customer centers across 9 countries in Northern and Eastern Europe, Ramirent manages an extensive fleet of equipment, including access equipment, heavy machinery, site modules, safety equipment, electrical and heating systems, and related services.


Slow Processing and Incomplete Automation

Ramirent initially chose a first-generation RPA vendor to automate various activities, including the complex processing of non-purchase order invoices. However, they faced several issues, such as slow processing speeds, high costs, and frequent bot failures due to software updates. Additionally, the lack of detailed logs made it challenging to identify the causes of exceptions.

“Robocorp gave us the tools, speed, and dependability we need to automate our non-P.O. invoices quickly and accurately so our finance team can focus on more strategic work.”



We Transformed Ramirent’s Processes

Seeking a higher-performance RPA solution, Ramirent turned to Robocorp’s Python-based open-source framework and parallel processing capabilities. Despite initial staffing challenges, Ramirent’s team quickly adapted to Robocorp’s platform with the help of its onboarding resources and 24/7 support tools. Robocorp’s flexible, durable, and scalable bots accelerated processing speeds, increased automation success rates, and improved log details to pinpoint exception causes.

The Results

By implementing Robocorp’s digital workers, Ramirent not only sped up processing times and reduced costs but also improved the quality of their invoice processing, gained better visibility into exceptions, and enabled employees to focus on more strategic tasks.


Faster invoice processing


Automation success rate


Broken bots

Looking Ahead

Ramirent uses several essential bots from their current Gen1 RPA provider. However, after learning about Robocorp’s performance and cost advantages, they intend to develop new digital workers using our platform.

Robocorp is ideal for a multi-vendor RPA approach, as our bots enhance and expand the capabilities and worth of previous RPA and technology investments throughout the company. We’re excited to keep collaborating with Ramirent and assist them in refining their processes from start to finish.

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