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Flobotics x eSky: Reaches 100% ROI in Two Months with Robocorp

Flobotics is an RPA development and consulting firm that helps companies of all industries automate and optimize mundane tasks, reduce expenses, and boost employee productivity.

They offer complete process automation services -from process discovery and audit, proof-of-concepts, and single-process automation to multi-departmental RPA bot development, implementation, and setup. In this case study, we will highlight how Flobotics transformed one of eSky’s critical business processes, resulting in a massive reduction in cycle time and human errors.

The client


eSky is the travel tech leader in over 50 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. It offers flights, accommodations, city breaks, holidays, and other products such as insurance, car rental, airport transfers, and attractions – making it a comprehensive one-stop-shop for travel and leisure.


Costly policy change mistakes due to human error

eSky monitors hundreds of airlines’ websites in real-time, tracking ticket prices, and customer policies. While tracking ticket prices is simple, detecting policy changes can be difficult as they are hidden and updated unexpectedly. Not having up-to-date data led to passing outdated information to clients, resulting in poor customer experiences, complaints, and even compensation. Until now, eSky employees have manually monitored policy changes, which took too much time and was prone to human errors. They needed a way to automate the process, making it faster and more accurate.

“Choosing the Robocorp platform simplified the project significantly. We’ve also decreased the running costs when compared to other public cloud solutions!”



eSky knew that a smart bot would solve their problems

Flobotics helped eSky create a bot that visits airline websites daily and alerts them of any changes in ticket pricing or policies. The Python bot integrated easily with Robocorp’s platform, yielding a cost-efficient automation process managed by non-technical eSky team members. The bot is powerful, versatile, and easy to run and manage.

The Results

In 8 days, Flobotics helped eSky develop an RPA bot to monitor over 200 airline websites for real-time luggage policy changes. They created a user-friendly dashboard in Robocorp Control Room for easier monitoring with historical logs, visual charts, and email alerts. By automating this cumbersome human task, eSky was able to achieve 100% ROI in only two months and give employees time to focus on more important work.


ROI achieved in 2 months


Webpages monitored daily


Employees can refocus on important tasks

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