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How Lean Automation reduced Vasalto’s payroll processing from days to minutes

10 min

Reduced turnaround time from days to minutes


Airlines supported


Pay slip emails delivered


Payroll files processed effortlessly

“A global accounting firm came to us with a complex payroll processing challenge. Robocorp gave us the tools to automate the job – which sped up processing from days to minutes – and ensured accuracy and confidentiality.” Jose Ferrer, Co-founder, Lean Automation

Partner Profile

The team at Lean Automation has extensive experience leading digital transformation projects using traditional Gen1 RPA solutions – but frequently ran into developer license hassles, heavy up-front licensing fees, infrastructure constraints, and a shortage of developers trained in Gen1 RPA platforms. This limited their ability to solve their clients’ top challenges in efficient and cost-effective ways, which is why they selected Robocorp.

The Challenge

Lean Automation’s client is Vasalto – a global accounting firm with offices in Madrid and Barcelona. They serve some of the world’s most notable brands – in 40 countries spanning 5 continents – including airlines, financial services, manufacturing, retail, and other industries.

At the end of each month, the accounting firm needed to produce and email PDF pay slips to 600+ employees from 6 different airlines – which was a daunting task for Vasalto employees. Here was their process:

  • Generate and compress PDF pay slips using Wolters Kluwer A3 software
  • Unzip pay slips from 6 different ZIP files 
  • Create an Excel report and enter every employee’s name, email address & ID 
  • Merge and encrypt the Excel and PDF pay slip files 
  • Write a macro to email the pay slips to the correct employees

The process was tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming – which made it a great candidate for automation.

The Solution

Lean Automation knew Robocorp’s Gen2 RPA platform would be the perfect tool to automate their client’s intricate payroll process. They built two solutions that combine human interaction with rapid processing and distribution.

Human Assisted Program

  • Select the Excel and pay slip ZIP files to be encrypted and processed
  • Asks for email subject lines and body text
  • Submits to the cloud automation program below

Cloud Automation Program

  • Opens ZIP file with PDF pay slips
  • Matches correct employee information to each pay slip
  • Emails the pay slips and custom text to the correct employees

The Results

Lean Automation was able to deliver transformative outcomes to Vasalto on day one.

  • Processing time reduced from days to under 10 minutes
  • 6 client airlines supported
  • 1,200 employee pay slip emails delivered accurately
  • 12 disparate files combined and processed effortlessly

The teams also explore more finance-related use cases to optimize Vasalto’s operations. In addition to the benefits gained by Vasalto, our partner Lean Automation is now equipped to deliver client automations more efficiently and with little cost.