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Taligent Automates Lartigoyen’s Processing of Financial Information with Robocorp Automation Stack, Saving Employees Hundreds of Hours of Manual Work

Processing financial information is a priority for Lartirigoyen, but it was a time-consuming and error-prone manual process. By partnering with Taligent and Robocorp, they were able to leverage robust document understanding and quickly create automation to improve their processes for downloading and processing crucial financial information.

The client

About Taligent and Lartirigoyen

Taligent is a customized solutions for clients looking to create strong, long term alliances with them. Their goal is to boost efficiency and add value to the decision-making process, as well as expand their services to new worldwide markets. Taligent positions themselves as strategic partners and they undertake together the path to innovation. Lartirigoyen is an Argentinean company that specializes in the production and distribution of industrial and agricultural equipment. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, they offer a wide range of products for sectors such as agriculture, agribusiness, livestock, and construction providing reliable and efficient solutions that enhance productivity.


Manual tasks and incomplete information took valuable time away from employees

Employees needed to download and process financial information daily at Lartirigoyen. It was a repetitive task that required employees to manually copy the information or export the information from the website. Website exports were error-prone and often provided incomplete information while manually copying the information provided all of the data but typically took an hour or longer to complete.

Lartirigoyen had made prior attempts to automate these processes using a tool highly recommended by analysts but faced challenges. These challenges included slow and unhelpful support, insufficient or missing documentation, unintuitive activity names, prolonged remote desktop setup, and inconsistent image recognition performance

“Thanks to this tool, we were able to focus on the needs and logic of the business, saving a lot of effort on technical setbacks. An Python based automation tool that is developer-oriented has more potential than others”

Kevin Schiebelbein, Lead Data Engineer at Lartirigoyen


Taligent and Lartirigoyen chose Robocorp to reclaim valuable time and effectively process complete data.

After previous attempts to automate with legacy RPA tools failed, Taligent and Lartirigoyen chose Robocorp and fully leveraged the Python-based intelligent automation stack and the power of the open-source community.

How Robocorp helped…

Robocorp was capable of quickly solving issues that countless legacy tools failed to solve. Lartirigoyen harnessed the powerful image recognition capabilities of Tesseract in conjunction with Robocorp, streamlining website automation and the retrieval of essential financial data.

Robocorp enabled…

With support from Robocorp’s customer success team, they efficiently established the necessary environment and developed the automation, achieving a successful launch within a month. This marked a sharp contrast to previous attempts with alternative automation tools, which consumed valuable time in setup, only to ultimately prove incapable of addressing Lartirigoyen’s specific use case.

The Results

Taligent and Lartirigoyen was able to leverage Robocorp’s automation solutions to gather the full set of information they needed and free up valuable employee time.


annual hours of work automated


Robocorp gained Taligent’s and Lartirigoyen’s attention and trust with its world-class automation solution. Its simplicity, flexibility, and agility allowed Lartirigoyen to automate tasks that could not be done with the existing legacy RPA providers. Employees are now able to focus on other high-priority tasks without needing to worry about repetitive, manual processes. With Robocorp, their automation team has a platform that they can operate with confidence, and they are able to progress fast in their digital transformation journey.

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