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Liberty Latin America’s Usage of Robocorp for Automation and Integration

Liberty Latin America (LLA) is a $4.8B telecommunications company operating in over 20 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean under the consumer brands Flow, Liberty, Más Móvil, and BTC, has partnered with Robocorp to enhance its automation and integration capabilities.  By leveraging Robocorp’s Python-based automation platform, Liberty Latin America has rapidly achieved increased business efficiency and scalability while also impacting network operations by combining ML/AI with automations.


Journey towards Advanced Automation

Liberty Latin America’s adoption of advanced automation technologies and practices has been a journey. LLA’s Head of Architecture, Integration & Automation, Asad Nabi, was an early adopter of RPA and achieved success at scale with legacy RPA tools.  After joining LLA, he chose a new strategy that leveraged open-source ecosystems to address the everyday challenges of legacy RPA programs around cost, fragility, and inability to address complex automations.

Asad stresses the importance of team maturity and centralized management of the RPA program as critical differentiators. By incorporating state-of-the-art processes, tools, and technologies, Liberty Latin America has scaled rapidly, reaching 52 use cases in the first two quarters and aiming for over 105 by the end of the year.

Asad categorizes the maturity of an RPA program into three levels:

LLA considers Python-based automation a natural extension of machine learning models, allowing organizations to predict and take action based on those predictions.


Scalability and Dynamic Scaling

Scalability is a crucial factor for Liberty Latin America’s automation program to enable not only widespread adoption but also align to their evolving use cases without the need for significant upfront investments in licensing and infrastructure.

As an example, one of LLA’s initial automations involves moving customers from an AT&T platform leveraged by an acquired business to LLA’s own platform, which involved handling tens of thousands of records per day, but just for a relatively short period of time.  Key to this was Robocorp’s ability to scale the automations up and down on-demand using containers from LLA’s AWS private cloud and on-premise infrastructure. This gave LLA the flexibility needed to meet its deadline with no licensing or infrastructure constraints.

Integration of Bots and ML Models

LLA has implemented the ARIMA (auto-regressive, integrated, moving average model) ML model which analyzes telemetry data from their network to predict network saturation. To take action on the model’s forecast, a Robocorp bot is triggered to create and service a ticket in an automated manner. This integration of machine learning and automation enables predictive maintenance on the network and highlights the ease of integrating these models into Robocorp’s Python native bots.

Generative AI and RPA Integration

Generative AI has piqued Liberty Latin America’s interest, particularly in increasing productivity. They envision its application in enhancing developer productivity, creating code using generative AI, and building a refined knowledge base from ticketing data. Liberty Latin America sees generative AI as a crucial component in its automation program to drive efficiency and productivity across various business functions.

Future of automation

Trends in Automation

Looking ahead, Liberty Latin America predicts two primary trends in automation. First, they anticipate a more robust integration of machine learning models into intelligent automation, enabling organizations to find and utilize models for everyday use cases. Second, they expect an increased focus on dynamic scaling, ensuring automated operations can handle fallouts and exceptions efficiently. They emphasize the importance of automation tools and technologies that support more automated operations.


Liberty Latin America’s adoption of Robocorp as their automation and integration platform has allowed them to achieve greater efficiency and scalability as well as the ability to impact network operations through the incorporation of ML models into their automations to improve customer service. Liberty Latin America believes that Robocorp’s Python-based automation platform provides a seamless integration pathway for AI technologies and enables organizations to leverage rapid innovation in the open-source Python and AI/ML ecosystem.

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