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Three Ships simplifies how people discover, research, and buy products and services from market-leading digital companies

With more than 1,600 brand partners and 400 employees, Three Ships has helped people make informed decisions about buying products and services for over 12 years.

They do this by giving consumers access to a wide range of reviews and media content and putting them in touch with the most trusted and reliable brands on the market. By offering a comprehensive portfolio of 50+ websites, Three Ships simplifies the research process, enabling customers to make confident purchasing decisions while allowing advertisers to reach the right audience easily. This unlocks growth by optimizing how people discover, research, and buy.


Manual data collection and capture caused errors and headaches

Three Ships works with over 60 affiliate advertising sources to build awareness of their product and service review sites. The company needed to collect data manually to get a 360-degree view of customer journeys.

This required multiple highly skilled employees to spend hours collecting source information from emails, web portals, APIs, SFTP sites, and Redshift. Once the data was collected, it had to be checked in Google Sheets to ensure it was correct and put into their data warehouse. These manual tasks took time away from workers and led to mistakes that had to be fixed.

“Before Robocorp, our workforce was stuck collecting affiliate revenue information from over 60 sources, manually reviewing and fixing errors, and consolidating information into our data stores. Now, our employees can focus on more strategic work. Robocorp has helped improve data integrity and has become a part of our critical data pipeline.”

Ben Carter, Vice President of Engineering, Three Ships


Three Ships chose Robocorp to save money, improve data accuracy, and relieve employees of mundane tasks

The company’s executives were familiar with legacy RPA solutions like Automation Anywhere but knew there had to be a better way to automate without cumbersome developer tools, expensive licenses, and inelastic infrastructure. Three Ships discovered Robocorp and immediately saw the value of our innovative, open-source approach to enterprise RPA.

One of the winning factors for Three Ships was how quickly they could adopt our solution by using VS Code and their existing Python skill sets. This gave their automation specialists a programmatic way to connect to their 60+ affiliate partners’ data sources, extract revenue information, and write it to Amazon S3. From there, the Robocorp bot checks for any data integrity problems and fixes them automatically. It then writes the consolidated, correct data to its data warehouse. This end-to-end solution seamlessly automates processes across raw data sources, including SFTP, Online CRM exports, APIs, and SaaS solutions like AirTable.

The Results

Completely automated affiliate data collection, quality assurance checks, and data warehouse storage. This saved the company thousands of work hours, boosted data accuracy, and gave employees more time to care for their customers.


in employee cost savings


hours saved / year


automated revenue data processing

Looking Ahead

Robocorp gained Three Ship’s trust with its world-class Python automation solution. Its simplicity, flexibility, and agility offer limitless use case opportunities to enhance its solutions and customer relationships. Three Ships is exploring other ways to leverage Robocorp automation – possibly in end-to-end user testing and cross-department data synchronization.

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