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Zop Dealer Solutions Automates Facebook Marketplace Listings, Saving Thousands of Hours and Moving Cars Faster

Facebook Marketplace is among the largest lead generators for Zop Dealer’s dealership clients. By partnering with Robocorp, they turbocharged the creation the updating of Facebook Marketplace listings by eliminating tedious manual labor, saving thousands of work hours, and giving dealer employees more time to care for their customers instead.


About Zop Dealer’s Management Solution

Zop Dealer provides automotive dealers with innovative solutions that drive efficiency, profitability, and world-class business insights.Their cloud-based Dealership Management Solution (DMS) combines inventory management, customer relationship management, financial reporting and forecasting, and analytics. This empowers auto dealers to manage their daily processes, track customer trends, and optimize sales and profits. The platform seamlessly integrates with dealerships’ existing technologies, streamlining cross-department workflows, improving decision-making, and ensuring everyone works from the same set of facts.


Double data entry and frequent updates distracted dealership employees from customers

Zop Dealer’s clients needed a way to enter and update vehicle listings in their DMS and copy that information into Facebook Marketplace. Facebook didn’t offer an API that allowed users to sync listings to the marketplace automatically though. Without automation, employees had to search through records, compare them with the Facebook listing, and amend them manually if there were any changes.

Auto dealership employees spent countless hours reconciling information between systems, which caused listing errors, stifled productivity, and distracted employees from serving customers.

“Robocorp’s Gen2 RPA is perfect for Zop Dealer. Its open-source tech boosted our automation options and made our bots more stable. Robot Framework’s easy-to-use libraries and keywords cut our development time. Robocorp’s scalable Control Room orchestrator lets us focus on expanding and keeping customers happy, instead of worrying about licenses and limiting infrastructure like with other RPA providers.”

Dhaval Chheda, Full-Stack Software Engineer


Zop Dealer chose Robocorp to sync DMS vehicle data with Facebook Marketplace

The automotive technology company learned about Robocorp’s open-source Gen2 RPA solution and quickly saw an opportunity to solve their clients’ challenges and boost their competitiveness simultaneously.

How Robocorp helped…

Since Robocorp’s RPA is based on open-source technology, it can automate any simple task or complex business process – regardless of the technology involved or where it resides. This made it a perfect fit for Zop Dealer. They built a robot that pulls relevant vehicle information from their Dealership Management Solution and writes it to Facebook’s Marketplace seamlessly.

Robocorp empowered Zop Dealer’s customers to…

The Results

A resounding applause and thank you was the result. Zop Dealer’s auto dealership customers immediately eliminated repetitive tasks, cut wasted time, accelerated time to market, and gave employees time to serve more customers.


reduction in data entry time


Facebook Marketplace automation


of new customer-facing hours

Looking ahead

Robocorp gained Zop Dealer’s attention and trust with its world-class Gen2 RPA solution. Its simplicity, flexibility, and agility offer limitless use case opportunities to enhance their products and customer relationships. Zop Dealer is now looking at other automation options with an array of cloud-based marketplaces and sales channels. The sky is the limit.

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