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Certified partners

SLK Software

SLK Software is a business reimagination partner bringing together more than 20 years expertise in AI, intelligent automation, and analytics, as well as our digital IPs, to help enterprises reimagine their business in the new technology landscape.


Tietoevry is a leading service provider and technology partner, with a strong presence in the Nordics. Automation services is a domain that we continuously develop, and now excel in.

Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce Services Plc is the leading business automation platform and service provider globally. Digital Workforce Outsmart platform allows organizations to accelerate digitalization, increase revenue, improve customer experience and gain competitive advantage.


Thoughtful creates, monitors and enhances intelligent digital workers on our Digital Workforce Management platform. We automate complex workflows for your human workforce so they can focus on value-add activities.

The Greentree Group

The Greentree Group is a proven solutions provider that successfully develops and executes strategic and tactical business-based technology solutions for federal, state, and commercial clients.


Quandri is building the digital workforce for insurance brokerages. We can automate any workflow you have, end to end, by combining modern technologies to create digital workers for your business that can work across platforms.


Flobotics mission is to help companies across different industries automate and speed up their mundane processes, reduce operational costs, and unleash the productivity of their employees.


Neostella is a global hyperautomation firm with expertise in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Management (BPM), Application Integration (iPaaS), Custom Development, and more. 

Roth Automation

The Roth Process of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is one of tailored solutions to your business needs. IPA takes repetitive business critical tasks and activities and minimizes human error while maximizing productivity.

Lean Automation

Lean Automation is a group of RPA experts with the belief that open-source is the future. After having extensive experience creating projects utilizing several RPA vendors and having struggled with developer licenses, annual subscription fees, license per computer and limited number of developers, we believe that Robocorp and their master ability to enable ROI is the future of RPA.


Nexler is the Dutch strategic partner for any organization that wants to create more value with less work. We take a close look at organizations’ processes and automate the repetitive work.


VionA is revolutionizing the RPA market in the Netherlands by providing RPA as a service. For too long the technology was not interesting for organizations. Either because of the high License and infrastructure fees, or because of the lack of knowledge about processes and RPA development.


As a team of innovative consultants, engineers, and automation specialists, we maintain a strong focus on building very robust, sustainable, and scalable automation solutions.


We help you ideate and bring solutions to life. We have a deep knowledge of Intelligent Process Automation and create failure-proof automations from start to finish.


Our vision is for a better workplace and world where humans do things together with their virtual companion workers every day.

Nous Chile

Nous Chile offers expertise in process automation. Since 1994, the highly qualified team has become trusted partners to their clients and and helps them scale without limits.


We are a financial management partner worthy of our customers. We always think of the most suitable financial management solutions for the customer.

One Smarter

We are invested in the success of client business processes. Taking time to conduct process analysis allows us to discern the best approach to process automation.

BLV Solutions

Experts in delivering automation rapidly; we focus on improving the core value proposition of your business leveraging our lean six sigma and state of the art AI solutions to automate what others cannot.


ERGONdata is a consulting company specializing in technologies that are redefining the nature of work and business. Their 3 pillars of action are: 1. Automation/Hyperautomation, 2. AI and Analytics and 3. Digital Channels


Our goal is to help people by giving them robotic assistants that aid with processes that are mundane, repetitive and boring. We do not automate processes to put people out of their jobs.

Cognitive Automation Labs

Cognitive Automation Labs is backed by decades of large enterprise digital transformation experience, helping organisations digitise themselves at scale.

Exelo ITS

Exelo ITS has an experienced, dynamic team with strong technological competencies in RPA and other IT technology areas, which allows them to implement projects with a wide range in a comprehensive manner.

Automata Practice Development

Our focus is working with you on analyzing your existing procedures and seeking out inefficiencies that can be remediated with automation.


We believe in ‘accelerate everything’ as our motto. We can provide the agility and scale on short notice.


Our mission at Violet is to help Nordic companies reap the massive benefitsof AI technology. We are convinced that AI will impact society at least to thesame extent as the internet.


We transform a business’ IT by upgrading their infrastructure to fully managed cloud solutions to remove technical debt. We remove tedious processes, bloat, and overhead with innovative automation.


Sure, Smartstaff isn’t the only RPA player around. But they might be the only one who are an actual employment agency, offering bots and humans.


At F-ONE we leverage our large-project RPA implementation experience to create intelligent automation solutions which work for the middle market clients, such as our innovative RPA-as-a-Service offering.


Our team at Capto has developed a robust approach to automation which allows us to resolve business problems smarter and quicker whilst staying fully focused and committed to adding value and building trust with every single one of our business partners and clients.

Roboost Solutions Oy

Our value comes from knowing the landscape of finnish business and decades of experience from providing robust services with trendsetters in digital business services.


Our objective is to help the client successfully exploit and use its data, this is why we have four different bussiness units focused on bringing that service to the customer, and why we have developed projects in a wide variety of bussiness sectors.