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Robot Framework
VS Code
VS Code

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Before you can unleash your digital workforce, you need to build your robots. Robocorp empowers developers the tools to do so.

VS Code extensions

For Visual Studio Code users, we provide extensions that bring you all the Robocorp features into your favorite editor.

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Robocorp Code

With Robocorp Code extension, you can create a new robot, run it locally, and publish it to Robocorp Control Room right from your favorite editor.

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Robot Framework Language Server

The Robot Framework Language Server extension provides code completion, syntax validation and highlighting, code formatting, and other powerful robot development features.

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Open source automation toolchain

RCC is a command-line tool that allows you to create, manage, and distribute Python-based robots straight from terminal.


RCC is at the core of all Robocorp tooling. It is also available for anyone to use under an open-source license, and you can find the source code on Github.

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RPA Framework

RPA Framework is a collection of open-source libraries and tools for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and it is designed to be used with both Robot Framework and Python.

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Kickoff quickly with prebuilt RPA library


Browser is a web testing library for Robot Framework, based on the popular SeleniumLibrary.


Google is a library for operating with Google API endpoints.

Excel Application

Excel.Application is a library for controlling an Excel application.


Browser library is a browser automation library for Robot Framework.


Database is a library for handling different database operations.

Excel Files

The Excel.Files library can be used to read and write Excel files without the need to start the actual Excel application.


Browser library is a browser automation library for Robot Framework.


Desktop is a cross-platform library for navigating and interacting with desktop environments.


FTP library can be used to access an FTP server, and interact with files.


AWS is a library for operating with Amazon AWS services S3, SQS, Textract and Comprehend.

Email Exchange

Exchange is a library for sending, reading, and deleting emails. Exchange is interfacing with Exchange Web Services (EWS).


The FileSystem library can be used to interact with files and directories on the local computer.


Azure is a library for operating with Microsoft Azure API endpoints.

Email Imap Smtp

ImapSmtp is a library for sending, reading, and deleting emails. ImapSmtp is interfacing with SMTP and IMAP protocols.


Images is a library for general image manipulation.

Robocorp Cloud

Robocorp Cloud is a convenient way to distribute, monitor and manage your robot workforce in real time across your organization from one central command.

Efficient and scalable cloud infrastructure

Create scalable automations with one-to-many style of processing. Parallelize processes to any number of Robocorp Cloud containers, and take advantage of the Cloud scale and efficiency without having to host your own infrastructure.

Secure way to manage robots and data

Robocorp Cloud is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) datacenters. AWS maintains SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliance certifications among others and provides robust means to provide secure services to Robocorp Cloud users.

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Modern and best practices built-in development

Manage your robot inventory in the Cloud with Robocorp development tools, or build version control workflows using native GitHub integrations or robot API.