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The open-source stack for automating with Python

Simplify building automation and integrations with Python. Get started in minutes. Interact with any application. Run anywhere.

Compatible with all of your favorite languages and tools

Robocorp is an all-in-one Python automation framework

Create, develop, run, and deploy your automation code with Robocorp Automation Framework. Yes, it’s open source.

Isolated environments

Get started without installing any other tools, not even Python. Robo automatically creates fully isolated environments for projects, which can be reproduced anywhere else.

Isolated environments

Instant observability

Robo automatically traces your automation task, and create an easy-to-read report of what happened. You can quickly see if something went wrong – and how to fix it.

Instant observability

Reduce boilerplate

Transform your Python snippet into a runnable automation with minimal effort. Robo enables you to execute your code in various environments and deploy it in the Control Room without any need for infrastructure setup. Embrace automation as code with Robocorp.

Reduce boilerplate

Batteries included

Robo ships with a broad set of libraries for automating common tasks, be it browser automation, document processing, or navigating desktop applications.

Batteries included

Automate virtually any application

Robocorp Automation connectors can handle applications from web apps to desktops and beyond and interact on all levels of the stack.

In cases where there is no visibility into the layers below, including some proprietary platforms, the robots take screenshots of the elements and tell the automation how, when, and where to interact with the interface.
When the UI is built from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, and other assets, as is the case with web browsers, robots can interact with the code to navigate the UI. A more reliable interaction than the GUI, this can take place in Windows applications and browsers.
APIs are used to transfer data to and from an application. Robocorp offers libraries that communicate with APIs to perform automations, typically through HTTP requests.
When the application allows, robots can access the persistent data storage. In some cases, Robocorp offers database libraries, and in others, there are APIs.
Web applications

Automating across your tech stack

Web applications and cloud services

Browser automation allows you to connect the web applications your business relies on, including ERPs, CRMs, and many more.

Automating across your tech stack

Common applications for desktop automation

Be it a legacy enterprise application or the latest cutting-edge tool, we have you covered.

Common applications for desktop automation

VS Code extension made for automation professionals

Robocorp Code brings all automation capabilities right into VS Code.

VS Code extension

Extend with community

Any package from PyPi or Conda-forge package are available for you.

Browser automation

Record steps, manage locators and interact with any browser. Blazing fast.

Desktop automation

In all different ways and shapes. Locators. Java. Images. OCR.


Integrate with any API out there.

Office apps

Interact with Ecel, Word and Outlook without the app licenses.

Automatic logging

Examine every action of what the bot does. Debug like a star. On your machine and in production.

ReMark – Robocorp’s Generative AI Assistant for Automation Developers

Robocorp's Generative AI Assistant


Meet ReMark 💬, AI code gen assistant that helps you build up to 4x faster.