Develop RPA solutions on a platform
that’s built to scale

Add Open-source RPA into your customer offerings and open up
new use cases that legacy closed RPA solutions can’t deliver

RPA and Automation Consultants

Add Robocorp to your existing set of offerings to satisfy RPA use cases that can’t be executed by legacy vendors.  Open-source means easily customized, and cloud options make it easy to run and maintain.

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Tech and Integration Partners

Integrate our open-source platform with your products or build on and contribute to our platform.  Add new capabilities and give your customers new solutions.  

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Why partner with us?

We believe the time has come for the RPA community to have an open platform to build lasting solutions. We know this will open up new markets and expand the robotic process automation market ten fold


We have a team dedicated to building content to support your journey on our platform.  From getting started to writing your own libraries, we will make sure you have what you need to develop solutions.

Custom solutions

Gain access to our dev teams as an early partner.  Work through easy or gnarly use cases that your customers demand. We’ll make sure you have best practices and developer-level access to whatever you need.

Go to market

We are disrupting the way the RPA vendors  of yesterday serve customers. We want to democratize RPA and are doing to this industry what other Commercial Open-Source companies have done in other industries.

Top 3 reasons why developers choose
our Software Robot Platform

We are built for developers who want to solve customer problems with flexible solutions
that are easily customizable and scale for smaller use cases and the biggest jobs.

Pricing & Licensing

We hate enterprise contracts and old school licensing. Customer-centric pricing that scales with usage. Free to get started, and packages that encourage usage instead of vendor lock in.

Cloud Scale

From the simplest use cases to the most complex automation projects, Robocorp expands to meet your demands. Spin up concurrent robots during your busy season or run one robot once a day.  You are in control of your scale.


Open-source community-built libraries that offer never-ending use case options.  No vendor upselling, and a community of like-minded engineers to collaborate with.


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