Robocorp's RPA Partnership Program

Robocorp’s Partner Program provides access to the technical and training resources to help you grow your automation business.

With our open source technology and flexible business model, we’ll help you lead the market and deliver powerful client solutions.

Why partner with Robocorp?

Build fast, scalable automations to engage more clients and grow revenue with Robocorp’s automation stack.

Market opportunity

Tap into the world’s fastest growing enterprise software market with developer-first technology designed to power mission-critical automation at scale.

Open ecosystem

Accessible, flexible, and lock-in free. Automate any task you can imagine with our open source, Python-based technology.

Transparent pricing

Only pay for the run minutes you use. Abstract away all infrastructure overhead and management so you can focus on delivering client value.

Partner program benefits

Grow your business and lead in the market with the training, resources, and product influence you need to be successful with Robocorp.


Expand your automation knowledge and impress your clients with our Robocorp partner trainings.


Access our expert team of automation engineers and customer success partners for optimized process design and development.

Product Influence

Work directly with our product and engineering leadership to shape our roadmap to better meet your evolving needs.

Certified partners

The partners below have empowered businesses across industries and across the globe to solve problems with automation. Robocorp is proud to call each one of them partners.

Case studies

Robocorp’s open source RPA platform that makes it easier than ever to build, deploy, and scale bots where and when you need them.


How Thoughtful Automation switched to Robocorp and slashed robot run times by 60%


From intro to production: How Teknei deployed client solutions in less than 4 weeks


How NyxTech automated 95% of their client’s manual order handling process while doubling output


How Quandri automated 100% of time-consuming repetitive work of daily processing thousands of insurance policies while saving costs and freeing up FTE for valuable work


How Roboteer saved £12k costs with simple but efficient automations


How Babybots created multiple bots that significantly reduced processing time from 4 months to 4 hours

Let’s scale together

Tap into the massive automation market with the leading open source, Python-based automation stack.