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Flobotics mission is to help companies across different industries automate and speed up their mundane processes, reduce operational costs, and unleash the productivity of their employees.

Exelo ITS

Exelo ITS is a Polish company consisting of an experienced team of analysts, programmers, consultants, and engineers who skillfully use IT technology and knowledge to develop businesses and institutions. With our competencies and experience, we effectively support our clients. We take part in the digital transformation of businesses. We build modern, dedicated solutions based on the latest technologies and automate business processes in order to achieve measurable benefits for our clients. Exelo ITS is open to cooperation regardless of the geographical location of our clients.


The most important asset of your organization are your people. Creative and resourceful, they will find clever solutions for complex challenges. Yet organizations still use this unique talents for, what we call, ‘monastic work’: repetitive work that can be easily automated. Nexler is here to change that.

Digital Workforce Services

Digital Workforce Services Plc is the leading business automation platform and service provider globally. Digital Workforce Outsmart platform allows organizations to accelerate digitalization, increase revenue, improve customer experience and gain competitive advantage. Globally, over 200 large customers use Digital Workforce’s platform and services to transform their businesses with automation. Founded in 2015, Digital Workforce currently employs over 200 business automation specialists in the US, the UK, Poland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Digital Workforce is publicly listed in Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland.

The Greentree Group

The Greentree Group is a proven solutions provider that successfully develops and executes strategic and tactical business-based technology solutions for federal, state, and commercial clients.

Innovsol Systems and Technologies

Innovsol is a new age consulting and services firm embracing digital technologies and innovative solutions to steer our clients through their digital journey. Our success has been due to our capabilities in effectively integrating automation, analytics and AI strategies across industries such as Banking and Finance, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing etc. Innovsol caters to clients across the globe with operations in Bangalore, India and partnerships across the Middle East and South East Asia & Africa.

AOT Technologies

We rapidly build enterprise applications using our Open Source, Low Code Development Platform. Our vision is to democratize enterprise application development with Open Source Low-Code tools.


ACONIO is determined to bringing the concept of RPA closer to the SMB sector, by picking up our clients from whatever state of digital transformation they are in, and guiding them along the way of becoming a highly automated business, leveraging the possibilities of RPA to the highest extent.


Thoughtful creates, monitors and enhances intelligent digital workers on our Digital Workforce Management platform. We automate complex workflows for your human workforce so they can focus on value-add activities.

Cognitive Automation Labs

Cognitive Automation Labs is backed by decades of large enterprise digital transformation experience, helping organisations digitise themselves at scale. We drive transformation by leveraging the latest advancements in automation, AI and machine learning to solve some of the toughest business challenges with acute accuracy. We are weaving the fabric of digitally native organisations – connecting systems and interconnecting organisations together in a cohesive digital mesh. This allows us to accelerate our client’s digital transformation journeys and provide them with in-depth analytical insights. By helping organisations digitise themselves, we afford humanity the time to be inspired.

PT. Infomedia Nusantara

PT Infomedia Nusantara is a part of the Telkom Group, currently focuses on providing Digital Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in Indonesia with 2 (two) portfolios : Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Shared Service Operation (SSO). Through these two portfolios, Infomedia demonstrates its competence and capabilities in 3 scope of services: Design (Business Process Consulting), Build (Develop & Setup Digital Operation), and Operate (CRM operation and SSO managed service).

SLK Software

SLK Software is a business reimagination partner bringing together more than 20 years expertise in AI, intelligent automation, and analytics, as well as our digital IPs, to help enterprises reimagine their business in the new technology landscape.

Winformatics Technology

Winformatics Technology is specialized in automation and other digital technologies. Our goal is to help clients, customers and companies to take the next step in their digital transformation journey. We consult and deploy innovative and sustainable solutions for business organizations across all sectors. Bring it on!


Automatorr is the world’s first automation marketplace, with a growing pool of developers, a client list that includes new-age RPA service providers and a large RPA Software company. We’re a 360-degree engagement platform for Service providers, Freelance Talent, Automation Products and End-user companies.

UP Collective

UP Collective was founded with the goal of bridging the gap between people and robots. Our organization is built to improve employee workflow rather than replace employees, allowing them to focus on more complicated and fulfilling projects that contribute to the success of your company.


Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation, Advanced Analytics and Robotic Process Automation, made with passion by a team of business specialists, data scientists, technology enthusiasts... supported by a number of eclectic bots!

Unimate RPA

Unimate RPA helps Latin American companies automate their processes with their Robots-as-a-Service model.


Hate it? Let’s automate it! Babybots LLC is an automation service provider that constructs, deploys, and maintains automated bots across companies of all sizes. Our goal is to reduce time spent on tasks that are repetitive and rule based, allowing for your personnel to focus on the bigger picture at hand.

BHFE Solutions

BHFE Solutions leads organizations in unlocking their true potential with targeted, custom robotic process automation solutions. Our experienced business & technical advisers can guide every step to ensure optimal outcomes.


ElasticIT is a talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers that formed around a shared dedication to continuously improve IT solutions and services. It is ElasticIT’s mission to use our tech knowledge to improve the products and services of our clients as well as the lives of their employees.

Practia Global

Practia is leading Digital Transformation and Intelligent Automation in LATAM. With Practia’s rapid growth in its professional team, portfolio of service offerings, and geographic locations, the company is now a recognized provider of technology services in the Americas and Spain. Practia maintains its spirit of innovation thanks to the combination of a solid academic background and industry expertise.

Alphalake AI

We specialise in interoperability utilising hybrid automation designed from the UX/UI which is more impactful and adoptable. Our expertise ranges from API integrations, RPA and Chat-bots. We aim to enable organisations to adopt autonomous ecosystems leading to the nirvana state of interoperability and a reduced cost to serve.

Digital Leaf

Digital Leaf Solutions is a business transformation strategy and consulting company. We help our customers make their workflow more efficient, so their people can focus on finding new business opportunities. We will identify tasks and processes that can be streamlined and implement those solutions with automation and other relevant technologies.


If a process can be defined, it should be automated. We use Robotic Process Automation, machine learning and other AI technologies to improve the quality of knowledge work. F-ONE is building the best Intelligent Automation development organization in Europe.

Agile Business Technology logo

Agile Business Technology

Agile helps engineering and construction companies build smarter, leveraging powerful platforms to connect data, tools and people across the entire value chain.


Senzcraft's vision is to radically simplify today's work. We design business processes for the future using intelligent process automation technologies.


Botanica is a Melbourne based process optimization consultancy focused on building and maintaining scaleable & sustainable intelligent digital workers.

Blue Ocean Strategic Partners

Your humans are doing too many mundane tasks. This leads to poor retention rates and human error (they’re checking out!). Our automation services give the empty, colorless tasks to robots and elevate your team to focus on lively, creative, and fulfilling work.

BCE Consulting logo


BCE Consulting is a consultancy company, based in the Netherlands, we have about 25 consultants working in the broad field of digital transformation which includes RPA, AI, Cloud Computing, Software Services etc - everything regarding digital transformation. The customers we serve in majority are in the Healthcare industry followed by Insurance, and a variety of mid-sized companies, and can also provide their expertise across various industries. Our mission is to help non-corporates in the Netherlands with their journey to optimize their business with the help of digital technology.


At Netnovation we solve problems in the IT infrastructure world. We give our clients the best solutions so they can focus on their core business.


Mavdero is the best in class technology service provider for Intelligent Automation Services with RPA, Machine learning, Block chain, Process mining and BPM solutions.


Quandri is building the digital workforce for insurance brokerages. We can automate any workflow you have, end to end, by combining modern technologies to create digital workers for your business that can work across platforms.

WM Promus

Delivering high-quality Dev Ops, RPA and IT solutions and services to businesses across all sectors​.

Lean Automation

Lean Automation is a group of RPA experts with the belief that open-source is the future. After having extensive experience creating projects utilizing several RPA vendors and having struggled with developer licenses, annual subscription fees, license per computer and limited number of developers, we believe that Robocorp and their master ability to enable ROI is the future of RPA.


Propero uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and RPA technologies to solve real-world problems and deliver the business outcome, touching the lives of many in the process.

RoboTeer logo


RoboTeer is an RPA agency who focus on saving time and money in small businesses via automation. Our main work is usually done around finance and general administrative processes.


Otomatika helps you to identify inefficient, repetitive business processes that are good candidates for automation. We then develop software bots to execute these processes with speed and accuracy, allowing you to make better use of your human workforce and add more value to your business.

NyxTech logo


NyxTech focuses on making the best result, and we add as much value to your company as possible.


Autane supplies Robots to automate office activities. Using AI and Software Robots known as Robot Process Automation (RPA), our Robots conduct desktop activities for clients, improving productivity and reducing cost. This releases human workers from mundane activities, allowing them to complete more challenging tasks and adding extra value to the company.

Adopt a Bot

Adopt a Bot is a Dutch service provider specialized in Open Source RPA. We help companies boost their productivity, employee happiness and client satisfaction. With our Bots as a Service, companies can embrace the power of automatization and full service support, without to worry for maintenance or lock-in contracts.

Teknei logo


Teknei is a European leading IT company. We promote the transformation of business through innovative solutions and services, and constant search for continuous improvement in every aspect of what we do. We have a great experience in RPA, ECM and Digital Archiving, mobile and web projects, and e-government solutions.


Remember spending months searching for the perfect employee? Smartstaff, a Belgian RPA start-up, gets you one today. Their digital workers will change your business forever; taking over your staff’s repetitive tasks, increasing your efficiency and saving you time from day one.


Capto empowers companies and their teams by designing, building and managing bespoke solutions, a.k.a digital workers, in order to automate routine tasks and complex manual processes. With our Automation-as-a-Service model, we create automations tailored to your company's unique processes, team goals, business needs, and appetite for change and investment. We believe work should be analytical, efficient, value-adding and purpose-driven and we are here to create the infrastructure to make it happen whilst saving businesses time, risk and cost!

One Smarter

One Smarter, Inc., develops innovative technology solutions to help you grow. We POWER clients in the financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, and education industries.

Intelligent Automation Corp.

Our mission at IAC is to help clients achieve high ROI, Scale and Time to Value with their Intelligent Automation projects. We are recognized global experts and pioneers in the field of intelligent automation & hyperautomation

BLV Solutions

BLV Solutions automates repetitive tasks, letting you focus on the important stuff. With our robots-as-a-service subscription, we provide end-to-end automation. We do your boring work for you.


Jump on the digital wave with Botlabs. We offer your company competitive software robotics (RPA) and software consulting services.


Do you need to cut Time-To-Market? Then BoostPLM can help you to streamline and automate your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes. We offer Bot-as-a-Service for typical PLM tasks in Product Development and Supply Chain. Our technical solutions span PDM and ERP systems including SAP and Windchill.

Nous Chile

Nous Chile offers expertise in process automation. Since 1994, the highly qualified team has become trusted partners to their clients and and helps them scale without limits.

Humandigi logo


Humandigi is helping small and medium sized businesses to develop and utilize their current digitalization assets to fullest.