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Robocloud Plans to match your needs


Individual users and small businesses


200 cloud run minutes / month
Unlimited run minutes *

2 workspaces in organization

5 user seats

Robocloud API

* Unlimited run minutes until the launch of team and pro pricing plans.


Teams and organizations that are scaling up

$200 / month

1500 cloud run minutes / month
($0.05 for additional minutes)

Unlimited workspaces

Unlimited user seats

Robocloud API

Service Desk


Large operations with SLA support

$800 / month

8000 cloud run minutes / month
($0.05 for additional minutes)

Unlimited workspaces

Unlimited user seats

Robocloud API

Role based user management

Service Desk, 1 day SLA

Feature comparison

Robocloud platform features:
User seats5UnlimitedUnlimited
Process runsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Self-hosted WorkersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Cloud Workers
Access Credentials
Custom Organization URL-
Custom Workspace URL-
Organization features:
Role-based user management-
Credit card billing-
Invoice history-
Workspace features:
Role-based user management--
Robocloud Vault
Process run details
Activity Package management
Worker management
Process features:
Multiple activities in a process
Transaction data management
Work Queues
Activity run logs
Notification of failed runs
Process run modes:
Robocloud Worker features:
Support for Windows
Support for macOS
Support for Linux
Encrypted connection
Run as a background service
Automatic updates
Community support
Service Desk-

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cloud run minutes, and how are they billed?
  • Package of activity running time "cloud run minutes" is included in each tier. The package is refreshed at the start of each billing cycle.
  • Cloud run minutes are consumed when you run activities with either self-hosted or Robocorp hosted Robocloud Workers. Run minutes are counted for each beginning minute.
  • Unused cloud run minutes do not transfer to the next subscription period.
  • Additional cloud run minutes can be bought with Team and Pro subscriptions for a cost of $0.05 per minute.
  • Additional run minutes used are billed at the start of the next billing cycle.
How is the subscription fee billed?
  • The subscription fee is billed at the start of the subscription period and then after each renewal.
What payment methods are available?
  • We will support credit card payments at first; other payment methods will be added later.
Can I upgrade or downgrade the subscription?
  • You will be able to upgrade and downgrade subscriptions. Upgrades are applied immediately, in case of downgrades change is applied at the end of the billing cycle.
How can I manage my subscription?
  • Subscription can be managed from organization billing settings.

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