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Deploy and Manage Python Workflows Securely and Effortlessly

Robocorp Control Room is secure and certified platform for deploying and operating Python tasks anywhere with data management and analytics built in. Scales from Personal Projects to Enterprise Solutions.

Unified Automation Management

Operate your automations at scale across your entire organization from one central command. Deploy, manage, monitor, and maintain.

Rapid Deployment

Deploy automations across teams, departments, and organization rapidly with minimal infrastructure.

Stay in Control

Utilize the state-of-art orchestration and data systems to benefit from dynamic scaling of workloads, exception handling and extensive analytics.

Lifecycle management

Manage and update automation code through version control that natively integrates with Control Room.

Cloud and on-prem

Run automations exactly where they are needed. Deploy workers either in Cloud or link your own self-hosted machines.

Secure by Design

Control Room is built ground up to provide secure automation management for highly regulated industries and organizations.


SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX compliance. Robocorp facilitates event the most critical workflows from finance to healthcare and beyond.


SSO, AD integration, fully customized RBAC, and Workspace isolation provide fine grained controls for managing user access.

Audit trail and logging

Every automation and user action in Control Room has a detailed audit trail and logging so you always know what happened and when.


All data that flows through Control Room is encrypted in rest and transit. You are in full control of what goes and doesn’t go into Control Room.

Dynamically scale workloads with Work Data Management

Work queues, autoscaling, dynamic worker provisioning. Seamlessly manage small and large workloads with Work Data Management. All with built-in analytics.

Split work to individual transactions and dynamically scale execution across as many workers as needed.
Retry and failure handling mechanism for failed transactions.
Every process has an API. Data in, data out.

Control Room features

Designed to scale from Scales from personal projects to enterprise solutions.

Automation Dashboard

Stay in control of process status, and outcomes.

Monitor and meassure

Audit trail, logging, and full visibility built-in.


SOC2 type 2, HIPAA, GDPR compliant. workspace isolation, RBAC, SSO.

Work data

Control and track transactions through data queues.

Schedule and trigger

Run tasks on a schedule or trigger through API calls and emails.


Full API and webhooks for integrating Python processes with virtually anything.

Vault and assets

Store secrets and persistent assets across process runs.


Dynamically scale processing across multiple workers.

Deployment Options

Robocorp provides flexible deployment options including a fully managed cloud platform, on-premises agents, self-managed infrastructure, a centralized control room, and API integration to suit various business needs.