Prevent Scheduling Errors, Recapture Lost Time – and Improve Employee Satisfaction

Employee scheduling requires a large amount of time, resources, and money – but it doesn’t have to do with an intelligent bot working behind the scenes, ensuring that every rule is followed with 100% accuracy.

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Recapture lost time and get rid of expensive errors

Whether your company is large or small, has a few employees or a few thousand,  scheduling monopolizes valuable employee hours. And the risk of errors is constantly present, with potential ripple effects including everything from unhappy employees to compliance issues.

Reduce risk and recapture lost time with an intelligent bot designed to quickly catch mistakes and improve compliance. With the bot working seamlessly in the background, employees are free to focus on higher-value and more satisfying work.

The new way to handle scheduling

Scheduling is a complex task with numerous rules, including local, state, and federal laws and relevant union contract rules. Even the smallest error can create a ripple effect throughout the organization, resulting in productivity losses, dissatisfied employees, and compliance issues. Therefore, every rule must be followed and the right employee scheduled without fail at the right time.

The scheduling bot is programmed with your customized rules to maximize productivity and minimize errors. When an employee is due for a break, they won’t miss it because of a scheduling mistake, allowing you to avoid employee dissatisfaction.

How automated scheduling works

Once your robots are built, they quickly get to work, logging in to your scheduling system, extracting relevant data, analyzing the information, and identifying any necessary fixes. Customized workflows are flexible and based on your needs, but here’s an example:

1. The bot accesses your scheduling system.

The bot is fully integrated with your scheduling system, so it can quickly log in to your system and identify errors.

2. The robot extracts critical data.

The bot knows exactly what’s required to identify and fix any potential scheduling errors, so it captures all relevant data in preparation for a detailed review.

3. The bot analyzes your data.

The robot is looking for violations such as missing or late breaks, consecutive work blocks that break contract terms, employees working too many hours a day, and more, depending on your customized rules.

4. The robot suggests scheduling fixes.

The robot searches for and discovers any line items that require attention and suggests fixes. Depending on your preferences, you can email the robot to have it fix everything or fix individual line items.

Benefits of automated scheduling

Saves time and resources.

The bot saves 100% of the time otherwise spent manually searching for and fixing scheduling errors.

Eliminates risk of human errors.

The manual task of scheduling introduces the risk of human error. Offloading this task to a bot allows you to improve productivity while simultaneously reducing the risk of mistakes.

Improves employee satisfaction.

Employees responsible for scheduling are happier because they aren’t working on time-consuming and tedious tasks. Scheduled employees are happier because they aren’t missing breaks or experiencing other issues that result from scheduling mistakes.