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A Journey to Modern Intelligent Automation

Join us on May 4th at 11:00 EDT to hear from leaders at Emerson about their journey to modern intelligent automation. Paul Ferguson, VP of Global Financial Services, and Benjamen Griffith, Director of Intelligent Automation, will join Chris Etheredge of Robocorp to share their experience transitioning to Gen2 RPA.

Chris Etheredge of Robocorp will lead the discussion with Emerson’s Paul Ferguson and Benjamen Griffith as they delve into their automation journey’s challenges, solutions, and successes.

In this webinar, we will cover

How Emerson overcame issues with their incumbent RPA solution, such as broken bots, high costs, and stifling infrastructure limitations, by embracing Robocorp’s Python-based open-source RPA.

Hear firsthand how they unlocked limitless automation possibilities, reduced development time and maintenance needs, and gained elastic orchestration at 100x the speed.

Emerson will also share their experience migrating to Robocorp’s open-source RPA solution and discuss their current automation use cases, RPA governance structure, and future plans for incorporating intelligent technologies like ChatGPT and GitHub CoPilot.


Chris Etheredge

VP of Sales and Customer Operations, Robocorp


Paul Ferguson

VP of Global Financial Services, Emerson


Benjamen Griffith

Director of Intelligent Automation, Emerson


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