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Robot Framework (RFW) is an open-source automation framework used for test automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It utilizes human-readable keywords that can integrate with virtually any technology. That’s why Robocorp uses it as its framework of choice to help businesses create powerful automations that save time and money – and lets employees focus on what’s important. Ready to learn how to create your own automations using Robot Framework libraries? If so, then this is the webinar for you! You’ll learn how to create a Python project and the basic coding needed to build your first keyword library. We’ll spend time coding live in the VS Code developer environment and cover these topics: Setting up and configuring your Python environment. Creating a library based on an existing Python package from PyPi. Importing your new library into a Robocorp project. Robot Framework libraries will give you automation superpowers that your friends and coworkers will envy. So be sure to join us Wednesday, August 24th at noon EDT.


Tim Lopas

Technical Account Manager, Robocorp


Eric Hanson

Head of Customer Success, Robocorp


Kylie Blake

Techincal Account Manager, Robocorp