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The Greentree Group x Robocorp Leveling the Business Field: How SMBs Can Thrive with Automation

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The Greentree Group’s SMB-Friendly Automation Solution with Robocorp: A Game-Changer for West Point Optical Group. Join our webinar to explore how The Greentree Group empowers small and medium-sized businesses with advanced automation solutions. Dive into the real-world case of Westpoint Optical Group’s automation journey, where Greentree, in collaboration with Robocorp technology, helped transition from manual and labor-intensive reporting to a sophisticated automated reporting solution. In this session, Chris Etheridge from Robocorp will host an insightful fireside chat with Pam Rigling and Mark Carpenter from The Greentree Group, and Jared Noble from West Point Optical Group, shedding light on their successful automation journey. Topics to be discussed include:

Overcoming Business Challenges with Automation. Delve into Westpoint Optical’s business challenges and how, with Greentree’s assistance and Robocorp automation technology, they built an advanced reporting tool that saves 25 hours of manual labor per week.

Greentree’s Success in Automation and SMB Clients. Learn about Greentree’s journey in establishing its automation business and the diverse range of customers it serves, with a particular focus on the SMB sector.

Switching to Robocorp: A Success Story. Discover the benefits and successes that Greentree and Westpoint Optical achieved after transitioning to Robocorp for automation, where Robocorp technology can be tailored to companies’ unique needs, ensuring automation solutions that fit rather than making companies adapt to the technology. Join us to gain insights and inspiration from this automation success story