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Robotic Process Automation promises to speed up mundane and repetitive tasks. But what happens when one of those repetitive tasks gets a sudden influx of data that needs to be processed immediately? Enter Robocorp’s Work Data Management! Using a producer-consumer automation coupled with Robocorp’s proprietary orchestrator you can process even more data in a timely manner. In this webinar you will learn how to use Robocorp and Robot Framework to manage data that goes through multiple steps and tasks by creating inputs and outputs that get passed along between steps. The majority of this webinar will be spent live coding in the VS Code IDE and topics will include: – Work item structure – Loading inputs – Creating outputs – Setting up Control Room to handle concurrency


Tim Lopas

Technical Account Manager, Robocorp


Eric Hanson

Head of Customer Success, Robocorp


Kylie Blake

Techincal Account Manager, Robocorp