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Product Hour Live – AI Actions in Action

Join us on March 14th for an in-depth exploration of AI Actions.

We will showcase their pivotal role in the enterprise landscape, utilizing the power of Large Language Models (LLM) and Generative AI. Hosted by our Technology Evangelist, Tejus Venkatesh, this session aims to illustrate the practical applications and immense potential of AI Actions.

We’re excited to welcome our special guest, Carlos Cardona, VP of Intelligent Automation Operations at Virgin Pulse. Carlos, an industry expert, will provide insights and examples of real-world scenarios where AI Actions can benefit enterprises.

Building on the breakthrough introduction of AI Actions, this edition of Product Hour Live showcases the tangible capabilities and the potential they bring to enterprise systems. As we transition from conceptualization to practical application, we’ll demonstrate how AI Actions, powered by the latest in LLM and Generative AI technology, are not just a step but a leap forward in enabling AI to move from an advisory role to becoming an active participant in enterprise environments.

Reserve your spot for an immersive hands-on experience of AI Actions.

This is going to be an engaging and informative session, with plenty of time for Q&A and discussion on Robocorp’s new API.

In this webinar, we will cover

Live Demonstration

Witness live demos of HRGPT and how AI Actions can make meaningful contributions in candidate screening process.

Key Insights:

Gain invaluable insights from our special guest, Carlos Cardona from Virgin Pulse, who brings knowledge and experience in implementing AI-driven automation strategies.

Interactive Q&A

Engage with our leaders and discuss potential implementation ideas


Carlos Cardona

Vice President, Intelligent Automation (RPA) Operations, Virgin Pulse


Tejus Venkatesh

Technology Evangelist, Robocorp