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Product Hour Live Behind the scenes of ReMark – Tech that fuels your GenAI Wizard

Join us on October 25th for a journey deep into the heart of ReMark, where we’ll uncover the tech that powers your incredible AI assistant. Discover the extraordinary capabilities of large language models (LLMs), the revolutionary potential of LangChain (framework for building LLM based applications), the rave around retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) and the seamless data loading processes that fuel ReMark’s intelligence.

Hosted by Tejus Venkatesh, our Technology Evangelist, and featuring Mikko Korpela, Principal Engineer, this event delves into the core components driving ReMark’s wizardry. Learn how LLMs have transformed the landscape of AI, enabling ReMark to comprehend your question and provide you with the right answers at the right time. Mikko will talk about the evolution of ReMark into a production-grade RAG implementation utilizing LangChain.

Whether you’re a developer, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of AI, this event will provide unique insights into the technology behind ReMark. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the engine that’s revolutionising the world of automation. Register now and be part of this tech exploration.

10:00 AM EDT / 9:00 AM CDT / 3:00 PM GMT / 7:30pm IST

This is going to be an engaging and informative session, with plenty of time for Q&A and discussion on Robocorp’s AI platform.

In this webinar, we will cover

Discover how LLM gives ReMark the ability to understand and generate code examples

Gain insights into how seamless data loading empowers ReMark to provide quick and intelligent responses, making it a valuable ally in your coding journey.

Demos, interactive sessions, and a Q&A where you can ask any questions you have about Robocorp and Generative AI.


Tejus Venkatesh

Technology Evangelist, Robocorp


Mikko Korpela

Principal Engineer, Robocorp