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Product Hour Live Unveiling AI Actions – The Future of AI in Enterprise

Get ready for an exclusive first look at a revolutionary product that will redefine the role of AI in enterprises by bringing Actions into AI ecosystem. Let’s make a transition from passive data processing to active engagement in real-world applications. Join us on 25th January for the first Product Hour Live of 2024 with our CEO, Antti Karjalainen, and Tommi Holmgren VP of Product.

Join our Technology Evangelist, Tejus Venkatesh, in this special edition as we explore the transformative world of

AI Actions that extend AI’s capabilities capabilities in ways previously unimagined. We invite you to prepare for a new AI paradigm that bridges the gap between advanced AI capabilities and practical, real-world applications. This event is set to mark a turning point in how AI integrates and operates within the business landscape.

What are AI Actions?

AI Actions are pre-defined, executable tasks that allow AI apps to interact with and manipulate various enterprise workflows and systems. These actions are crafted with natural language descriptions, enabling AI applications to not only understand complex tasks but also execute them with precision. With a focus on robust security and control, AI Actions operate within a controlled environment, ensuring enterprise-grade safeguards are in place.

25th January, 8 AM Pacific Time [6PM Finnish and 9:30 PM IST]

This is going to be an engaging and informative session, with plenty of time for Q&A and discussion on Robocorp’s new API.

In this webinar, we will cover

Live Demonstration

Witness firsthand how the new AI Actions empower AI applications with real-world actions

Expert Insights:

Hear from our CEO, Antti Karjalainen, about the vision and potential of this transformative technology

Interactive Q&A

Engage with our leaders and discuss potential implementation ideas


Antti Karjalainen

CEO and Co-founder, Robocorp


Tommi Holmgren

VP of Product, Robocorp


Tejus Venkatesh

Technology Evangelist, Robocorp