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Automation Dream Team: Robocorp’s Python-based Gen2 RPA + Microsoft Power Automate

Harness the power of these heavy hitters to transform your enterprise today and into the future.

Developers Insights Uses of RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a technology that uses software robots to perform business processes across various applications. These robots mimic human actions, allowing them to interact with desktop and web applications in the same way as a human operator. 

RPA has brought about a significant change in the way businesses approach automation. From its early days of rudimentary task automation, the industry moved towards intelligent automation, which includes features like intelligent document processing and basic chatbots. The industry is now entering a new phase emphasizing open ecosystems and integrated data flows.

What’s Microsoft Power Automate?

Microsoft’s Power Automate software is a popular RPA solution for on-premise attended automation use cases, where human operators work alongside software robots to complete tasks. It provides a drag-and-drop interface allowing users to automate desktop and browser application tasks. Examples include data entry, document processing, and email management.

Power Automate also has a cloud-based digital process automation (DPA) offering that lets companies model processes by connecting to their Azure data and using Power Automate connectors. There are some drawbacks to their DPA solution, though. It has complex licensing tied to Azure, limits your use case options, and doesn’t integrate as seamlessly with AI. 

Power Automate + Robocorp = Best in Class Automation

Today, many enterprises combine Microsoft’s Power Automate and Robocorp tools to automate complex end-to-end business processes. Robocorp’s cloud-based automation can interface with any technology and works 10x faster than traditional RPA. In addition, it integrates with AI and machine learning tools and services. This makes it perfect for unattended automation use cases. For example, power Automate handles attended desktop automation tasks, usually with a human in the loop – and Robocorp orchestrates cloud-based unattended automations between varying disparate technologies and departments.

Here are a few automation use case examples:

  • Invoice Processing: Businesses automate the entire invoice processing workflow, including data extraction, validation, and entry into the accounting system. This reduces errors, speeds up the process, and allows employees to focus on more valuable tasks.
  • HR Onboarding: Onboarding new employees can be a tedious and lengthy process. Using Power Automate and Robocorp, businesses can automate the onboarding process, from sending offer letters and collecting new hire information to provisioning accounts and setting up equipment. This reduces the time and effort required for onboarding, improves accuracy, and frees HR staff to focus on other important tasks.
  • Customer Service: Good customer experiences nurture repeat buyers. Businesses can automate common customer service tasks, such as responding to emails, routing tickets to the correct department, and updating customer records. This encourages a frictionless experience, improves response times, reduces errors, and frees customer service representatives to handle more complex issues.

For RPA developers that want to pair Microsoft Power Automate with Robocorp, you can visit our Portal and download an example bot to connect the two technologies and trigger a process. 


The evolution of RPA has significantly changed how businesses approach automation. From rudimentary automation, the industry moved towards intelligent automation, and it is now entering a new phase that emphasizes open ecosystems and integrated data flows. 

Microsoft’s Power Automate and Robocorp are two best-in-class solutions, especially when used together. Their combination allows enterprises to automate complex end-to-end processes, reduce errors, speed up processes, and free employees to focus on more valuable tasks. In addition, it scales infinitely and offers consumption-based pricing, so you don’t pay for unused infrastructure like other RPA solutions. As the industry evolves, businesses will remain competitive.

About Robocorp

Robocorp is the industry leader in Gen2 RPA. Many of our customers see 3x – 10x gains in their RPA ROI compared to their experience with other automation solutions. We look forward to showing you the flexibility and dependability of open-source Gen2 RPA to automate your most complex enterprise business processes – at a fraction of the cost of traditional RPA solutions. 

Check out our case studies to see how other companies have transformed their businesses with Gen2 RPA. But, of course, we have other customers, too, and we’d love to share their stories and introduce you to them if you’d like. 

Robocorp is the leader in open-source Gen2 RPA – with hundreds of customers – from Fortune 500 enterprises to start-ups – that are augmenting or replacing UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere – or simply want to start their automation journey with a more modern platform.