Automating the world’s information routines.

Robocorp is set out to change Robotic Process Automation. RPA has the potential to change how millions of people work every day and Robocorp is making it accessible to everyone through license-free open source technologies, delivered from a cloud platform.

Robocorp’s solution is based on a hyper-scalable RPA cloud orchestration platform, called Robocloud, and a set of open source development tools, built around Robot Framework and the Python ecosystem.

Robocorp’s solutions are currently available for our pilot partners. If you are interested in getting access to our pilot program, contact us. Public availability will be announced separately.




Robocloud is a subscription based cloud platform that enables secure deployment and orchestration of robotic process automation workers with minimum overhead. Robocloud’s technology enables creating a scalable RPA infrastructure for an organization within minutes.

Robocloud is priced at a flat monthly rate which will be significantly lower than any current competing solution on the market. The new subscription based pricing model together with the security, reliability, and convenience of a cloud deployment will enable the use of enterprise-grade business process automation to all new categories of users, from individual developers to SMEs to large-scale enterprises with strict data privacy concerns .


Robolab is a developer toolset that is built on top of open source Robot Framework and the Python ecosystem. Robolab enables the development of license-free automation workflows that can be freely extended to include any third-party Python module or Robot Framework library. The toolset provides all the necessary bindings that enable Robolab to work seamlessly with the Robocloud orchestrator.

Using Robot Framework for RPA provides developers a comprehensive set of existing integration libraries, a consistent logging infrastructure, and enables developers to rapidly build a domain specific set of keywords that can be easily shared and re-used.