The open source stack
for simplifying automation

Robocorp is a Python-based stack for automating any repetitive process. Build locally, operate from the cloud, run anywhere.

Compatible with all of your favorite languages and tools

Build. Deploy. Scale.

Build powerful automations on one flexible technology stack
that can be deployed anywhere.

  • Fast, reliable deployment

    Run locally or from the cloud with Robocorp Cloud, the single platform for managing automation at scale.

  • Intuitive development tools

    Use our VS Code extensions or Robocorp Lab, the IDE for automation development, for a simple developer experience.

  • Single automation toolchain

    Easily create and ship powerful automation code with our entirely open source, Python-based toolchain.

Why Robocorp

Frictionless development

Build robotic workers easily with hundreds of Python-extensible libraries and deploy them in seconds.

Horizontal scaling

Scale up or down automatically and worry-free. Robocorp only charges for the resources you use.

Seamless integrations

Connect to 3rd-party applications and trigger from external services with our open APIs.

“With Robocorp, we were not only able to increase the efficiency of a single bot by 60%, we were able to then parallelize the efficiency by 900%.”

Try Robocorp in 5 minutes

Curious yet? It only takes a few minutes to get started.

$ brew install robocorp/tools/rcc

==> Downloading
==> Symlinking App “” to “/Users/jau/bin/”
🍺 rcc staged at “/Users/jau/bin/”

$ rcc tutorial

Welcome! 🎉 This tutorial explains the basic commands to get started.

Dozens of libraries
at your fingertips

Build solutions faster with our open source automation libraries
for browser automation, OCR, Excel, Windows OS, and more.
Extend easily with Python.

Browser automation

Automate any browser-based workflow through the UI or programmatically.

*** Settings ***
Documentation     Robot to enter weekly sales data into 
...               the RobotSpareBin Industries Intranet.
Library           RPA.Browser
Library           RPA.Excel.Files
Resource          keywords.robot

*** Tasks ***
Insert the sales data for the week and export it as a PDF
    Open Intranet Website and Log In

    Download Excel File
    ${sales_reps}=  Get sales reps from Excel file
    FOR    ${sales_rep}    IN    @{sales_reps}
        Fill And Submit Form     ${sales_rep}

    Take screenshot of the results

API & HTTP automation

Send and receive HTTP requests to third-party APIs to automate tedious tasks involving multiple applications.

*** Settings ***
Library           RPA.HTTP

*** Variables ***

*** Tasks ***
Log latest SpaceX launch info
    Create Session    spacex    ${URL}    verify=True
    ${response}=     Get Request    spacex    /launches/latest

    Request Should Be Successful    ${response}
    Status Should Be    200    ${response}

    ${launch}=    Set Variable    ${response.json()}
    ${name}=    Set Variable    ${launch["mission_name"]}
    ${date}=    Set Variable    ${launch["static_fire_date_utc"]}

    Log To Console    💫 Mission name ${name}
    Log To Console    🚀 Launch date ${date}

See our documentation for more information on available automation libraries.

Modern development tools
to build your way

Combine your editor of choice with our robust development features for an optimized developer experience.

Automation extensions
for VS Code fans

Build, run locally, and publish to the cloud from right within your favorite editor.

  • Pre-configured robot templates
  • Native integration with Robocorp Cloud
  • Run and debug locally
Install extension

Robocorp Lab: the IDE for
automation development

The complete IDE for iterative development and faster feedback cycles - designed for beginners to advanced developers.

  • Jupyter-based for fast iteration & debugging
  • UI locators & keywords explorer
  • One-click upload to Robocorp Cloud
Get Started with Robocode Lab

Unified automation management
with Robocorp Cloud

Monitor and manage your robot workforce in realtime across
your entire organization from one central command.

Robocorp Cloud
  • Dynamic worker parallelization Run robots seriously fast. Our auto-scaling cloud resources automatically scale your robot workforce up or down to complete tasks with optimal efficiency.

  • Resource-based pricing Pay only for the minutes you use. With Robocorp Cloud, your costs are always straightforward, manageable, and predictable - no matter how much your implementation grows.

  • Hassle-free runtime environments Spin up pre-configured environments in seconds, no infrastructure needed. Integrated metrics, logs, security, user, and workspace controls are all available at your fingertips.

  • Cloud APIs Easily connect your robots and reports to 3rd-party applications for seamless automation across services. Trigger runs from external services or connect multiple processes together.

  • Robot monitoring Track performance and resolve issues quickly with one dashboard for your entire robotic workforce across all your workspaces.

  • Secrets management Minimize sprawl and keep sensitive information like login credentials and access tokens secure with one centralized vault.

Ready to get started?

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