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Intelligent Document Processing is Smart. Make it Genius with Gen2 RPA

Pairing intelligent document processing (IDP) tools with the most powerful robotic process automation (RPA) platform delivers world-class hyperautomation results.

Uses of RPA

Intelligent document processing, or IDP, is a type of technology that automates high-volume, repetitive document processing tasks. IDP uses natural language technologies and computer vision to extract data from both structured and unstructured content, making it ideal for extracting information from documents. This extracted data is then preprocessed, classified, and validated. Once captured, the data can be used in business process automations.

Why is IDP Important?

In general, intelligent document processing decreases processing time, improves accuracy, and ensures compliance – but IDP also helps enterprises improve their decision-making by providing better access to information and insights that would otherwise be hidden in mountains of data.

Gartner estimates the IDP market to be $4.8 billion with each provider having its own strengths and weaknesses depending on customer needs. Enterprises seeking the right IDP solution should focus on domain knowledge, like industry-specific document training sets and emerging technology capabilities. 

IDP providers also offer limited workflow options that complement their data extraction features but generally lack the processing power needed to automate complex end-to-end business processes.

Gen2 RPA puts the “Hyper” in Hyperautomation.

Gartner surveys found that more than 50% of CEOs and 69% of boards of directors are demanding accelerated growth and operational excellence. Hyperautomation provides a critical path to achieving these goals, but organizations need to combine the right set of tools to get the job done. Robotic process automation (RPA) is a key enabler in this effort, but not all RPA solutions are created equal.

At Robocorp, we view the RPA industry in two categories. The first is traditional, or “Gen1 RPA”, which has been around for a long time. It includes the type of solutions offered by the Big-3 RPA providers, which lack the ability to interface with and transact business among legacy systems that many enterprises still rely on to deliver services to their customers and employees. 

“Gen2 RPA” is the second generation of RPA and is very different. It offers virtually unlimited automation possibilities at a fraction of the cost of Gen1 providers. It’s based on open-source technology and uses the Python programming language to connect to any application, including IDP solutions, regardless of its age or where it is hosted.

How Gen2 RPA Hyperautomates Your IDP.

By its nature, Gen2 RPA is better at interfacing with diverse technologies through APIs and can interact with web-based and desktop programs by working deeper within application layers using X-Path, shortcuts, and Windows automation. This means all your technologies are tightly stitched together using durable connections and ironclad security. Gen1 RPA simply can’t immerse itself into your enterprise technology stack as well.

Gen2 RPA fits seamlessly into your document processing journey. It gives you the opportunity to select the best-of-breed intelligent document processing (IDP) solution for your use cases without worrying about its automation features. 

Since Gen2 RPA is Python-based, it extends your IDP’s automation capabilities so you can hyperautomate any business process end-to-end, regardless of its complexity or your ERP, CRM, and legacy platforms. It takes your IDP output data and accurately processes it without human intervention.

Hyperautomate more at a fraction of the cost.

Pairing your IDP with Gen2 RPA is a powerful way to drive high-speed processing without disrupting legacy systems or existing RPA workflows. Here are just a few of the reasons why. 

Build Hyperautomations

Rapidly build highly resilient bots that work seamlessly with your IDP for any business process, regardless of your technology.

  • Pro-code and low-code editor tool options
  • Composable, reusable, and extensible code
  • No vendor lock-in and available forever

Manage Hyperautomations

Manage and monitor Gen2 RPA bots from a single command center. 

  • High-speed task execution through parallel processing
  • Automatically scale resources up and down on-demand
  • No licensing fees – only pay when your bots run

Gain Peace of Mind

Robocorp Gen2 RPA orchestrates the actions and data flow between your IDP and the rest of your technology ecosystem with world-class security at the center. We use role-based user management, separated workspaces, and Secure Vault for the utmost peace of mind – and are SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant.

Gen2 RPA delivers exceptional outcomes to businesses and governments worldwide.

Robocorp has hundreds of customers – including Fortune 500 enterprises and government agencies – that got frustrated with UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism – and found a better way to hyperautomate with Gen2 RPA. We empower users to securely automate any IDP process – with extraordinary speed and elasticity – with no licensing fees and a consumption-based pricing model.

Let’s Automate.

Robocorp already connects with top IDP providers, and more are coming soon. Get in touch with us to learn how we can hyperautomate your IDP investment and put you on the path to an autonomous enterprise.  Visit