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Partner Profile: Bots & People

Bots & People launched the worlds first independent full-scale automation platform.


Robocorp relies on its partners to reach end users and to implement our technology. Robocorp’s global network of Partners have expertise in a variety of target applications and industries. 

For businesses interested in leveraging the power of our automation platform, Robocorp recommends connecting with one of our partners. In this Partner Profile serieswe introduce you to our partners and their work. Now it’s time to meet Bots & People, Robocorp’s first partner directly based in the heart of the DACH-Region. Therefore speaking both German and English.

Who is Bots & People?

The Bots & People Platforms purpose is to provide a one-stop shop for anyone interested in either learning or implementing automation. You can access the automation knowledge hub free of charge and connect with various professionals and enthusiasts in the automation community. In addition to the free subscription plan, B&P offers paid subscription plans for individuals and companies to take full advantage of its resources and knowledge hub.

Here’s a list of features and services you’ll find on the Bots & People platform:

1. Automation Services —  The Automation Marketplace is bustling with professional automation vendors, including developers, professional consultants, analysts and coaches who can assist with business process automation. On the other hand, automation professionals can offer their services through the marketplace. Tools and technologies are also part of the offering.

2. Automation Academy — The Academy offers a range of courses aimed at automation beginners and experts alike. Here the willing automation learner will find a range of learning courses, training, workshops and tool and tech deep dives. The trainings are created by experienced experts who also serve as coaches and consultants on the automation platform and within the community.

3. Free Automation Knowledge — Bots & People provides useful free content that teaches automation learners about automation, including blogs, e-books, podcasts, videos, whitepapers, webinars, events and more.

4. Automation Community — Our automation platform features a vibrant community of individuals who share a passion for automation and offer useful pieces of advice.

5. All-in-One Solutions —  Bots & People offers a revolutionary approach known as Automation as a Service (AaaS), which is an end-to-end solution for businesses interested in integrating automation and coaching employees on the subject. It provides comprehensive support to facilitate the discovery and automation of business processes.

As an individual interested in automation, you can think of our automation platform as a zero to hero solution where you can find everything needed for automation implementation, including various courses, knowledge bases, and services.

Why Bots & People chose Robocorp’s Technology?

Robocorp is a next-gen provider when it comes to Robotic Process Automation. The pay-per-use model is a revolutionary approach that takes automation to the furthest corners of any business. In this way, even small use cases are worthwhile to implement and thus fully relieve the employees.

Robocorp is suitable as a quick entry point into the automation topic and at the same time is able to scale the automation initiative. With this holistic and human-centered approach, Robocorp fits perfectly into the Bots & People universe.

Reactions from Bots & People‘s Customers:

Since the beginning, Bots & People has been checking the satisfaction of its customers through targeted surveys. These are the aspects customers praise the most:

– Free accessible knowledge

– Professional learning opportunities with real life focus

– All aspects needed to implement process automation in one place

– Fresh and holistic approaches

Particularly noteworthy is also feedback that reinforces the networking effect created by the community, the ease of exchange among each other and the active learning effect that comes with it.

“Super great experience! Real passion with real content! Clear recommendation for everyone who doesn’t just want to observe the future happening, but shape it by themselves.“ – Gia-Thi Nguyen, Head of Customer Care at Siemens

Feel free to explore the Bots & People platform (German and English) and get in touch to learn more!