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Robocorp announces key hires on North American go-to-market team

Robocorp is building its commercial team to bring its enterprise offering to market.

Robocorp, developer of an open source tech stack that reimagines the possibilities of automation, recently filled leadership roles on its commercial team, enhancing the company’s ability to deploy large-scale automation projects with enterprise clients. Founded in 2019, Robocorp spent its first two years building an open source toolchain that was designed specifically for developers, addressing a long-held industry pain point.

“Most automation platforms say they’re built for non-developers, but when the user wants to stray from the pre-designed workflow, they end up calling upon developers to work within a platform not meant to be tinkered with,” explained Antti Karjalainen, CEO of Robocorp. “Once you acknowledge that developers are necessary in automation, our developer-first mindset makes a lot of sense.”

In 2020, Robocorp released its core offerings, which included developer tools for building robots and a cloud-based platform for deploying and maintaining robots. It now has thousands of active users who have built and deployed robots to automate a wide variety of tasks. Robocorp maintains an active developer community, offering code libraries, robust documentation, and personal developer support. The company also relies on strong support from its partners, many of whom offer robots-as-a-service to businesses.

“We have built a tech stack and a developer ecosystem that we are proud of,” said Karjalainen. “Now it’s time to scale our company and solve bigger challenges with automation. That’s where our commercial team comes in.”

Robocorp’s new hires include:

Chris Etheredge, Head of Sales

Chris has more than 25 years of sales experience, including leading sales organizations in the enterprise software space. He believes that the industry has only begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible with robotic process automation.

Nicholas Peddle, Demand Generation Manager & Interim Head of Marketing

Nick brings a decade’s worth of B2B marketing experience to Robocorp, which includes brand, product, and performance marketing. He is intrigued by processes that are still performed manually, and how technology can be leveraged to address them.

If you want to learn more about Robocorp’s automation platform and get in touch with a member of our team, you can fill out our contact form.

About Robocorp

By putting the power of automation into its clients’ hands, Robocorp is shattering the previous barriers of automation. Funded by Benchmark, Firstminute Capital, Slow Ventures, and Harpoon, Robocorp seeks to empower businesses, teams, and individuals to reach their full potential by automating mission critical routines—a robot for every task.