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Robocorp Announces Video Streaming for Unattended Bots

Visualize and Troubleshoot Your Bots with Robocorp’s New Video Streaming Feature

Robocorp is excited to announce our new video streaming feature in Control Room. It displays live and recorded video footage of unattended bots in action to understand exactly how your robot is behaving, which helps users troubleshoot any issues if they arise.

Why Video Streaming Matters for RPA

A video is worth a thousand words. With Control Room Video Streaming, you can now:

  • Troubleshoot errors more effectively by viewing real-time or recorded footage of bot execution.
  • Visualize the step-by-step actions your bots take to complete their tasks.
  • Share demonstrations of your RPA solutions with clients or other stakeholders.

“We’re thrilled to elevate the RPA user experience with Video Streaming for Unattended Bots. By providing real-time and recorded access to bot operations, we enable rapid issue identification and resolution, ultimately reducing downtime of critical business processes resulting in higher ROI”. – Erno Pirinen, Head of Product & Platform at Robocorp

Easy Setup with Security in Mind

We prioritize security, so Video Streaming is an opt-in feature with a multi-step activation process. First, you’ll need to contact Robocorp Customer Success to turn on the feature for your organization. Then, enable video streaming for your self-hosted Windows desktop workers. 

Once activated, you can enable or disable Video Streaming in Control Room for individual process step runs as needed. This flexibility allows you to use Video Streaming only for debugging or demonstration purposes, ensuring privacy when necessary.

We’ve designed Video Streaming with stringent security measures, including:

  • Default opt-in settings, preventing accidental activation.
  • Full encryption of video transfer and storage.
  • Retention of video data in line with artifact retention times.

Rest assured; your RPA video streaming experience will be secure and reliable.

Accessing Your Video Stream

When Video Streaming is enabled, you can view the video feed on your process step run page. You can watch the robot run in real time or review the footage after completion, providing full visibility into your bot’s activities. Check out this quick demo video.

For further information and technical support, go to Robocorp’s Video Streaming help article.

Upgrade Your RPA Experience Today

Control Room Video Streaming is available for Flex and Enterprise tier customers. Don’t hesitate to contact Robocorp today to learn more about this innovative feature and take your RPA experience to the next level!

About Robocorp

Robocorp empowers businesses and teams to work smarter by shattering previous RPA and intelligent automation boundaries. The company makes building software robots and automating manual tasks easy, affordable, and fast with first-class, open-source process automation tools. It also provides a robust, secure orchestration and execution platform, allowing customers to run cloud-based and self-managed robotic automations with consumption-based pricing.

Robocorp is backed by Benchmark, Canvas Ventures, Slow Ventures, FirstMinute Capital, Harpoon Ventures, Uncorrelated Ventures, Artisanal Ventures, Haystack, and angels. Robocorp is headquartered in San Francisco, with our primary offices being online. 

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