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Home Blog Trending: Global enterprises rapidly adopting Gen2 RPA – the next generation of intelligent automation

Trending: Global enterprises rapidly adopting Gen2 RPA – the next generation of intelligent automation

Insights Uses of RPA

Gen2 RPA is the second generation of robotic process automation (RPA). It’s an advanced form of intelligent automation because it’s highly extensible, infinitely scalable, works 3x faster, and costs a third of traditional intelligent automation solutions. 

It’s a composable open-source platform that natively connects to and transacts business between any legacy, on-premise, SaaS, and AI/ML technologies to automate complex business processes and decisions. It’s becoming the new norm for many global enterprises that are tired of the cost, maintenance overhead, and instability of traditional RPA solutions. 

Here’s a look at how Gen2 RPA is making its mark:

  1. Automating Tasks: Gen2 RPA can automate tasks that traditionally have been done by people. AI-driven Gen2 RPA is ideal for automating mundane, repetitive tasks like data entry and inventory management, freeing up time and resources for more important activities.
  2. Connecting Business Systems: Gen2 RPA can be used to connect different business systems to create a unified platform – regardless of age or where they’re hosted. This allows teams to access any data and insights in real-time, making it easier to interact with customers and respond quickly to changing markets.
  3. Enhancing Business Processes: Gen2 RPA can be used to improve existing processes and identify opportunities for optimization. By analyzing customer data, Gen2 RPA can create personalized experiences that cater to the needs and preferences of each individual customer or internal stakeholder.
  4. Improving Decision Making: Gen2 RPA can help improve decision-making by providing more accurate data-driven insights. AI-based Gen2 RPA can also identify potential risks, which can be addressed before they become costly problems.
  5. Streamlining Operations: Gen2 RPA can help streamline operations by automating processes that are too complex or expensive for humans to do manually. This not only helps organizations save time and money but also increases customer satisfaction by providing faster, more efficient service.

Gen2 RPA works by combining intelligent technologies – such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), conversational AI, and intelligent document processing (IDP) automate processes, workflows, and tasks in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs. This intelligent layer of automation enables organizations to scale operations with minimal manual effort and improved accuracy – and more cost-effectively than most solutions on the market today. In short, Gen2 RPA helps companies do more with less.

Robocorp is the leader in Gen2 RPA. Founded in 2019, we already have 100’s and customers and partners that immediately recognized the exponential value offered by this advanced form of intelligent automation. Talk to a pro to learn more about how Robocorp can help put your most complex processes and decisions on autopilot, at a fraction of the cost.