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Digital Workforce and Robocorp’s Automation Stack: Scaling Healthcare Data Migration to New Heights

Digital Workforce Services Plc, a prominent figure in the global business automation landscape, is known for its versatility and advanced approach to solving complex automation challenges. This case study delves into their partnership with Robocorp and how they leveraged open-source technology to address scalability and repeatability needs in response to ongoing Finnish Health and Social Services reform. The challenge involved seamlessly integrating numerous disparate systems and service providers, making scalability and repeatability crucial. To meet this challenge, Digital Workforce integrated Robocorp’s technology into their offering, ensuring a repeatable and scalable solution for various municipalities.

The partner

About Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce Services Plc stands at the forefront of the global business automation landscape. As a versatile, multi-technology provider, they thrive in harnessing the most advanced techniques for solving complex business automation challenges. With a commitment to a pay-per-value model, Digital Workforce has consistently delivered solid results for its clients.


Addressing Complex Healthcare Data Integration and Automation Needs

Ongoing Finnish Health and Social Services reform necessitates seamless integration among many disparate systems and service providers. Since multiple welfare regions have the same challenge and the amount of workload can be unknown due to target system restrictions, it demands a solution that is repeatable and highly scalable. In a single welfare region, hundreds of IT systems are commonplace, while university hospital areas manage even more than a thousand different systems and applications. The challenge lies in automating the synchronization of critical information across these diverse systems. Notably, the partnership between Digital Workforce and Robocorp has yielded substantial success in the execution of multiple projects of this nature, with numerous similar projects on the horizon.

The time spent manually transferring data from these systems translates to precious hours away from essential patient care work. To overcome this challenge, Digital Workforce integrated Robocorp technology into its offering. This strategic decision was driven by the need for a solution to offer the repeatability and scalability required to solve the challenge across different municipalities.

“Robocorp has enabled us to deliver a highly scalable and cost-effective solution for the Healthcare areas, and we are able to achieve great benefits for our customers. Our experience with Robocorp has not only solved our immediate challenges but also enabled our developers to create more powerful and reliable solutions”

Juha Järvi, Global Head of Healthcare at Digital Workforce Services Plc


Unlocking Scalable Data Migration with Robocorp’s Automation Platform

Robocorp stood out as the ideal solution due to its speed and scalability, making it the natural choice for a data migration use case, especially when dealing with a challenging-to-automate target system and uncertain data volumes. Thanks to Robocorp’s scalable platform, there’s no need for concern about the number of licenses to purchase.

Especially projects with uncertain data volumes are difficult to optimize since you don’t know how many legacy license you would need.

Leveraging Robocorp technology, Digital Workforce successfully developed a code-based browser automation solution. This solution not only exhibited remarkable speed and scalability but also offered easy customization to meet the unique requirements of its customers, further enhancing its versatility and effectiveness.

The Results

During the first migration project Digital Workforce’s integration of Robocorp technology produced outstanding outcomes, showcasing its capability to overcome the complex challenges presented by the Finnish Health and Social Services reform:

Unprecedented Migration Speed: Thanks to the highly scalable technology, the project achieved migration speeds that were previously unparalleled. This exceptional speed allowed for swift and efficient data transfer, minimizing the disruption to essential operations.

Flexible Document Handling: The project successfully transferred an impressive total of 900,000 documents, ranging in size from a single page to extensive documents exceeding 100 pages. The project effectively managed the records of approximately 40,000 individuals. This feat underscored the solution’s adaptability and scalability, ensuring that it met the unique requirements of each municipality.

High Success Rate: The project consistently maintained a outstanding success rate of over 97%. This high success rate signifies the solution’s robustness in handling diverse data sources, ensuring data accuracy, and reducing the margin of error.

These results highlight the outcomes of the first migration project, with many more to come.


Succes Rate


Migrated documents


Migration speed


Elevating Healthcare Automation Through Strategic Partnership

In close collaboration with Robocorp, Digital Workforce effectively tackled the multifaceted challenges presented by the Finnish Health and Social Services reform. Through their code-native browser automation solution, they achieved remarkable speed, scalability, and maintained a success rate of over 97%. The clear, polished, and system-independent RPA migration concept of Digital Workforce is currently the only one of its kind on the market.  Notably, this success sets the precedent for numerous similar projects in the pipeline, highlighting the profound impact of pioneering technology and strategic partnerships on the landscape of healthcare automation.

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